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We hope this information will help you understand our customs and us.

It is normal to have both good and bad things and both good and bad people everywhere in the world. Most nice Thai ladies have been taught to be faithful, sincere, grateful, obedient, and instructed in the skills and duties to please a man, keep him content and how to furnish him a comfortable home.

Every society has its own traditions, customs, culture, beliefs and rules. This causes the people of one society to be different in character and personality from those of the others. We furnish this information so you will know Thai ladies better by learning the traditional social environment in which they are brought up.

One of the first and most important lessons a boy or girl learns in the Thai society is to respect their parents as the most sacred persons in their lives. These teaching results from a Thai traditional thought that since parents cause children to come into the world, the children should be grateful to their parents and always obey them. To break this rule and make parents unhappy and miserable is regarded as very bad and even sinful behavior. Being taught in this way since childhood, they don't feel uncomfortable being obedient to their parents when they grow up, unless there is a serious problem involved.

While boys are sometimes given a chance to argue or negotiate with their parents for they are expected to become the leader of a family in the future, a girl is treated more strictly and is required to conform to the rule. Thai girls consequently almost always act as followers unconsciously. It's not strange at all that many Thai women are willing to follow better than lead both in marriage and social life. For Thais, a wife is compared to a hind leg of an elephant while a husband, to its front leg. This means that a wife should follow her husband's decision. Nowadays we have many educated Thai women and many of them are accepted into the workplace in what was once thought to be only a man's position, such as a director of a company or school, member of parliament, ..Etc. Thai women can also give opinion, an idea or can be consultants for their husbands both in good and bad time.

"Kunla Satri" is a Thai word used to call a girl who behaves well and has a pleasant manner in the Thai style. According to its definition a Kunla Satri needs to be polite in every situation.

Thai people give a lot of importance to their reputation, especially that of their families. If someone in a Thai family behaves badly, it is considered that his action doesn't only bring a bad reputation to himself, but also to his family. It is out of this consideration, beside the reason of love, that they always give close attention to the behavior of their children.

Thais have a very strict custom that a woman must keep her virginity until the day she gets married and she must be faithful and respect her husband and will never have other man in her life while she is married. Most Thai women are still conservative, which is contrary to the image of Thai women, which many foreign visitors to Thailand may have -- the image of easy virtue. In fact, only some girls are forced to become prostitutes for economic reasons and the Thai government is earnestly trying to solve this problem.

As mentioned above, nowadays-Thai people are being influenced by westernization. Thai ladies have become more independent, and more confident in making their own decisions. Yet they still do not forget beliefs and customs embedded in their minds. Most of them know who they are and what they are expected to be and to do, so they can bring happiness to their lives and their lifetime mates.


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Brilliant article, very sincere and genuine

we have a few reference articles for your consideration, we don't try to sell you anything. We try to dismiss foolish myths but we also have a responisbility to tell you what we know to be true be it good or bad.. and we try because we need integrity

so ...
don't believe all the negative comments. 
Some people are jealous, envious or ignorant and many believe the value of "don't let the truth get in the way of a good story"  so if it's important to you... discover

Our W.A. Thai Community website - Thai Love

Our Travel Thailand website - Thailand Girls



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well said



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Thanks Janis well said and very educational. I need all the help I can get

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