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Post Info TOPIC: Happy St Patrick Day from Bangkok APAC

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Happy St Patrick Day from Bangkok APAC

 17th March! - r u ready  


Watch on BIG SCREEN 

Like only the Irish can



If you thought you've "had a good one"  it must have been Premiere Bangkok with Bangkok APAC



Irish culture and Dance

Ever since the premiere of Riverdance in 1995, the surge in the popularity of Irish dance (and "things Irish," in general), has been phenomenal.
So, for this lesson, we focus on words and phrases associated with studying Irish step-dancing.
Our translator/teacher cautions that knowing them won't turn you into a Michael Flatley - or Jean Butler!

Phrase: Irish Dancing:               Irish: Rince Ghaelach     Pronunciation: ring-keh gway-lahkh

Word: Dance (social event)        Irish: Céilí                  Pronunciation: kay-lee

Word: Dancer                               Irish: Rinceoir                 Pronunciation: ring-kee-oh-ir

Phrase: Step-dancing                Irish: Rince céime        Translation: ring-keh kay-meh

Word: Class                             Irish: Rang                  Pronunciation: wrong

Word: Teacher                         Irish: Múinteoir            Pronunciation: moo-in-choh-ir

Word: School                           Irish: Scoil                  Pronunciation: skull

Word: Competition*                   Irish: Comórtas            Pronunciation: kum-ohr-thahs

Word: Prize                              Irish: Duais                  Pronunciation: dhoo-ish

Word: Trophy                           Irish: Cómhramh           Pronunciation: koh-ruv

Word: Medal                             Irish: Bonn                   Pronunciation: bun

Word: Judge/Adjudicator             Irish: Moltóir                Pronunciation: mull-thoh-ir

Word: Standard                         Irish: Caighdeáin          Pronunciation: kye-djaw-inn

Word: Championship                   Irish: Craobh               Pronunciation: kreev

Word: Grade                             Irish: Grád                   Pronunciation: grawdh

Word: Costume                         Irish: Culaith                Pronunciation: kull-ah

Word: Shoes                            Irish: Bróga                   Pronunciation: brohg-gah

Word: Reel                               Irish: Ríl                      Pronunciation: reel

Word: Jig                                 Irish: Port                    Pronunciation: purth

Word: Hornpipe                         Irish: Cornphíopa           Pronunciation: kurn-fee-pah

*Note: Most Irish dancing competitions take place at a Feis (fesh) but these are not always confined to dancing competitions and may also include music, literature etc. competitions. The plural is Feiseanna (fesh-ahn-nah).

Phrase: I go to my dancing class ever Saturday
Irish: Freastalaím ar mo rang rince gach Satharn
Pronunciation: frass-thahl-eem err muh wrong ring-keh gah-kh sah-hahrn

Phrase: My teacher plans to enter me at the next Feis
Irish: Tá se in aigne ag mo mhúinteoir mé a chur isteach ag an bhFeis seo chugainn
Pronunciation: thaw shay inn ahg-neh egg muh woo-in-choh-ir may ah khur ist-chee-ach egg an vesh she-uh hug-inn

Phrase: There was a very high standard in that competition
Irish: Bhí caighdeáin an-árd sa chomórthas sin
Pronunciation: Vee kye-djaw-inn on-awrdh sah khum-ohr-thahs shin

Phrase: There will be a big Céilí when the competitions have finished
Irish: Beidh Céilí mór nuair a bhéas na comórthais thart
Pronunciation: bye kay-lee more noo-ir ah vays nah kum-ohr-thish hah-rth

Phrase: Our school wins many trophies and medals each year
Irish: Gnóthaíonn an scoil s'againne mórán chómhraimh agus boinn chuile bhliain
Pronunciation: gnoh-hee-unn on skull sh'ahg-inn-neh mohr-awn khoh-riv ah-gus bwinn khwill-leh vleen

Phrase: My parents think it is very expensive to buy a new costume for me every year
Irish: Ceapann mo thuismitheoirí go bhfuil se ana-chostasach culaith nua a cheannch dom gach bhliain
Pronunciation: kee-ap-ahnn muh hish-mih-hoh-ree guh will shay on-ah khusthahs-ukh kull-ah noo-ah ah khee-ahn-ukh dhum gahkh vleen

Phrase: I would like to achieve a Senior Championship
Irish: Ba maith lion Craobh Sinsear a aimsiú
Pronunciation: nah wye li-um kreev shin-shir ah eyem-shoo

Phrase: It is very important to take very good care of your feet and shoes. Irish: Tá sé fíor-thábhachthach aire an-mhaith a thabhairt dod' bhróga agus cois
Pronunciation: thaw shay feer hawv-ukh-thikh ah-reh on-wye ah hoh-ir-tch dudh vroh-gah ah-gus cush

Phrase: It is my ambition, one day, to get a job in an Irish dance show
Irish: Is é mo mhian agam post a fháil, lé éigin, i dtaispeantás rince Ghaelach
Pronunciation: shay muh veen pusth ah aw-il ih dthas-pawn-thas ring-keh gway-lahkh 

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