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Post Info TOPIC: Thai Classic Movies on TG (Thai Airways Flights) "Get into the culture"

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Thai Classic Movies on TG (Thai Airways Flights) "Get into the culture"

Next time you on the Tg (Thai airways) flight try the "classic thai videos"...

They are ALL, in some way very entertaining; amazing stunts, comedy albeit bizarre, or should I say unique unqiue to a culture.

Select english sub-titles and try to guess the the thai words to english text or just be engrossed by the entertaiment. 

Here is what I remember about the movies


Title: 4 Romances

TG intro
4 Romances is an anthology film featuring four top Thai Directors, each offering their own take on love.

what I remember - Brilliant!

4 short videos by 4 different Directors, casting their artistic culture of “Love” across the screen.    It is sheer brilliance!
Each movie is unique and capture the spectrum of "Love" and "Romance" for all ages and sexes (sorry no ladyboys).

If one of them does not do it for you then you now know how someone else thinks...

It’s all here, comedy, sadness (always sadness in Thai love movies) and those special moments that each of us can relate to. I have watched this movie 3 times (already) and now can now I know “that I know nothing”.

The play time 134 minutes is compelling, it will leave you in mind spin

if the relationship is a struggle, don't worry you in the mix with 95% of the population
true a little help from a wonderful short book (19 pages) called absolute happiness



Title: Midnmight my Love

TG intro
One evening Naui, a masseuse, makes a deal with Sombat, a taxi driver, to give her a regular ride to work. Their relationship soon becomes more than friendship. 

What I remember - life is like a box of chocolates! 
Nuai is not a Masseuse!  The movie does well to show the polite job description of the nightlife legacy for women. 

Nuai is subject of the ying and yang factor power by money and therefore her victim is Sombat.   The lonely taxi driver takes a shine to her but his shy nature makes a mess of it and now he has to make amends and .. well boy .. the unexpected happens.. and I mean unepected.

Strapped to your chair you will question the logic of the culture and so you should because it's a different world out there!

and remember what Sgnt Phil (not Phill), from hill street blues used to say to his team everyday ....  let's be careful out there!

and don't forget the difference between a tourist and a Traveller.....


Title:  Mor 8

TG intro:
Students from an all girls school are sent to join a boys boarding school in Thailand's first ever attempt at a co educational system with hilarious results.

what I remember   BRILLIANT
The movie captures the essence of many main stream Thai movie culture. That is a silly yet sophisticated infusion of Drama and unexpected comedy. I want elaborate because you must see for yourself.

I do want to give away the truth, that is not as hilarious as it is sincere, a power Meta message of a parental desire (in this case a teacher) to teach their child (student) good values but the connection does not work and her pain is now their pain and of course (thai style) pain for all … yes another heart breaker.... well you will see

ever heard the words "this will hurt me more than it will you" well it did!


I was so impressed I searched the net to get this movie but I can’t get a copy anywhere with English sub-titles. I even wrote to TG asking for help.. it is a great mix



Title: The Bodyguard

TG intro:
A billionaire is assassinated while signing a multi-million dollar contract. His bodyguard must track down the hitman responsible, and bring them to justice

What I remember   "ACTION JACKSON" by the spagetti Western Director
I thoroughly enjoyed the assassination – his acting was terrible so he had to go!
I also enjoyed the brilliance of the bodyguard .. why!
a. he managed to dodge at least 6,745 bullets many of which were a close range (about 10 feet).    I think the bodyguard actually killed the billionaire, I  mean he threw the guy around like a rag doll while he was dodging all those bullets, sure the bad guys got a few shots into him but he was already trashed.

The bad guys (notice the 3 stoodger comedy culture) were then ordered to down the son (the new money bags) and that’s where the movie takes a twist, the beginning of yet another wholesome Meta message, albeit a need to focus because here comes more of that prankish comedy (I do like it).

I can't finish without acknowledging the "slap stick" comedy the slips (oozes) in this movie.  You might think “silly”  I recall the critics assigned similar label to the “flying Circus” and later it was changed to “visionary”.

Ps: some of the actors of currently in very popular local thai comedy TV so I have a soft spot for them.


Title: Queens of Langkasuka

TG intro - ?   I deserves more but it lost the plot!
As sea pirates threaten to invade their Kingdoms, three queens of Langkasuka must band together to defend their land and people.

what I remember  - I don't know how to describe this.
I loved the superhero Royal bodyguard dood – we all like such characters. His fighting spirit, skills and “stares” were priceless, thanks so much

I was disappointed, mid way thru because I thought “Marineboy” (he is the other superhero) had lost the plot and fallen fowl to “yabaa” (magic mushroom) as he was off with the ferries.  I guess he was only following the script so let’s blame the writer

awesome finish substantial and clearly the ongoing result of whatever the writer was smoking .. the ending is bizarre and amazing so you need to take a peak

I don’t know how to describe this movie, someone please watch and report


Title:  Tabunfire

TG intro:
Jone Bant Fai is riddled with grief and bent on revenge after witnessing this parent's murder. But the killer has immense powers, with almost no weaknesses.

What I remember - BRUCE LEE fans would be impressed.

The story line is a compressed version of about 6 books.
Humble farm boy khun Jone is gifted and certainly would be a walk up start in the superhero comic books!.. I like this guy so much !

Then there is the fair maiden, she endured the embarrassment of hero’s demands of her 1st menstruation (a powerful ingredient to for the secret potion to neutralize the demon). I always knew in my heart the demon was in fact and under cover agent. The fruity Prince got frustrated with the lack of sales from his Tractor franchise and deployed corruption to achieved budgets but we all know what happens to such people!

It has loads of those Bruce Lee scenes - great action but alas the special effects are missing the 'special".

There are some scenes that were not expected, it's not my culture, and that’s what makes these movies interesting.

In the end you don’t remember the story! How cares the Bruce Lee and Buffy the vampire comedy culture was just great for me


Titel:  Mhee Jou

TG intro

Set in the northern Thailand, ”Mheejou” follows the story of a 12 year old girl who becomes a personality on the local access TV station.

What I remember: a novel  prelude to lifestyle of the “hill tribes”.

It recognizes the indifference because of strong cultural beliefs, perhaps these staunch values inspired the Christian missions the need to impose (or should I say re engineer) .. In Northern Thailand (hill tribe) Christian religion has a substantial presence..

I remember seeing some of the mission reps (faithfulls) stalking the crowd peddling their beliefs (handing out promotional brochures) at a local festival in Maehongson.  I was …  well I shout not say other then “I know that I know nothing”. I’m sure they do a lot of good and so I should be silent (it just seemed odd to be do that there.. but what do I know)

Lets get back movie..  I wish I could say more “good” about this movie, it has those sweet and sad moments but it just could not get the “vibe” I confess I’m insensitive but I’m sure it would appeal to the soft heart so you try and let me know.


Title:  Wor

TG intro

There is a terrible village in Thailand where superstition prevents dogs from being allowed there. But when once appears, getting rid if it is not an easy task.

What I remember:   It’s a completely idiotic, stupid movie, with very bad special effects, poor acting and a mindless scrip


I THOUGHT IT WAS HILLARIOUS AND COULD NOT WAIT TO SEE WHAT WAS GOING TO GO WRONG NEXT.  Nothing really makes much sense and that can be a great affirmation, when you need it.



The other passengers thought I was being Idiotic and stupid.

Oh I do miss the three stoodgers and Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis and Abbott and Costello .. enough.. you’ve be warned .


Title:  Ong Bak 2

TG intro

A young Thai Boxer learns the skills and inner meaning of the marital arts aspiring to be like his father; a loyal warrior who’d sacrifice his life for his country.

What I remember  ABSOLUTELY AWESOME – stunts and actions scenes.
if they made a movie of Bruce Lee learning his magic as a kid, then this would be the equivalent but with a Rambo additive.

The guy is help bent on belting everyone and it seems to be justified fortunately he has a robin hood rule book but sadly it has it’s peril

The main actor “Tony Jaa” is a legend in Thai movies.  I have seen but a few and like them (I enjoy action stuff) and coz I never Grew up (you grow old when you stop growing up), this must be why I enjoy Thailands Songkran Festival so much  .. to read more  on Songkran just search the forum.

Australia connection ..
His movie where his beloved elephant is stolen and smuggled to Sydney (Australia) and he must come to reclaim was the 1st of his movies that I saw – the footprint of the action and sadness (the connection with a best mate) never fades (only the title)

I am a shocker for remembering titles so please let me know the name of the title


Title:  Chocolate

TG intro
An autistic woman with powerful martial art skills looks to settle her ailing mother’s debts by seeking out the ruthless gangs that owe her family money

What I remember - An accurate description of the title - POWERFUL

When TG suggested “Powerful” they were conservative, the longer this movie goes the more extraordinary the power and skills of the girl become and I don’t mean superhero .. she does stuff that has to be in breach of the stunt persons association code of safety. 

She surpasses all my expectations and sets records that can’t be broken without special effects.
The more the movie went the more I was anxious to see her next bout and it was worth it.

You could go to the last 15 minutes of the movie and be stunned by the display but  warm yourself to her background and appreciate her hiden power.  The start is a little slow but you get some insight to life as it might otherwise be for some people less fortunate.






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