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Post Info TOPIC: copy an email of text and Pictures to the Forum

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copy an email of text and Pictures to the Forum

Please browse the info before you start and if it not make sense please feel welcome to let me know…

This document offers to help explain how to copy a combination of text and pictures from an email into the forum.. typically it relates to emails that contain interesting stories that should be shared via the forum rather than emails .. by placing in the forum everyone can add a comment etc.,

You can not make a direct copy and paste.. the pics will not copy!


You can copy and paste the pics if they are already in the “net” ie on a website.. simply either

  1. Right click on the item (copy) and then select the place in the forum and right click (paste) or CTRL P

The below is a way of transferring the entire data

The process

You can convert the info to a PDF documetn and upload it (file size limits) - see tips re pdf attachments and best tips about including attachments


You copy the entire data (copy and paste) into a word document then you go to your google docs (it’s free to join) and upload the document

Google docs has restriction on file size (check the current size) as you may have to break the file into a, b , c for upload purposes and then merge once in google docs

From google docs you can copy and paste the entire contents to the forum article OR you can make the google docs a webpage (a few clicks) and then insert a link in the forum to your google docs webpage

The process takes about 5 mins or 2 hrs depends on your skill, experience and patience . haa haa 

If you don’t have a google a/c you can open free ..

To see the wonders of google docs visit my intro page (includes a video)

Now the follow is the steps

  1. Copy the email content to a word doc and save to your computer
  2. Go to your google account and sign in



Once signed in you should see a control panel with these options to get to the “documents” section



In the docs panel select the option for upload



Follow the obvious to find the file or files you need to upload, in this instance  when I uploaded the file it was too big so I went back to the file and split it and the back to google docs and upload it as file a and b  (then in google doc you can copy one into the other (merge)

The files to upload



View of the files being uploaded



When you look at the doc inn google docs –  you can try to copy the content by the usual method .. copy and paste. 

To copy the option is right click copy or CTRL C and to paste is right click paste or CTRL P


If the paste does not work .. you may have to wait 5 mins for the data to populate into google or try the next option

To be honest I’m not sure which works.. I  try each until I get the result


In the google docs make view as a webpage



Now try the copy and paste option  from google docs to the forum article

Best way to paste into the forum article …. When in the edit mode (of the  forum article) you will see a smallish workscreen and above it is this control panel.. image

Select the icon that expands the workscreen (the small blue screen icon)

When you paste (CTRL P) the copied info from google docs should roll out down the page exactly the same as it was in goggle docs ..if not work thru the options below

Maybe someone will work out why some of the options do or do not work and then we will all be wiser…

If the pics do not appear (only an outline) there are 1 of several problems

  1. The data has not yet populated correctly into the google system and it can not validate the URL… .. .. wait 5 mins?

In the google doc – select


Now wait 5 mins and try again


  1. The data did not copy into memory .. ie., when you selected copy you did not stay on that page long enough for the data to go into memory? go back and copy (CTRL C) and wait 10 seconds for the data to copy into memory
  2. The data is too much for the memory   try copying sections at a time

Another option is copy each pic manually… . for some reason I find that if I copy a few pics manually I can then copy all of the pics in a cut and paste… why is that? I don’t k nnow

To copy a pic manually.. there are 2 methods

  1. Switch to the google doc page, right click on the pic, select copy, switch to the forum page place the cursor where you wish to place the pic and press CTRL p to paste


  1. Right click on the pic and copy the URL (address) then switch to the forum, place the cursor in the location to place the pic and select the Picture icon (see below)image


The image insert box appears and you paste the url of the image and the pic will appear . The picture icon box suggest options on how to control the image in terms of location but they don’t work.. see below for manual options


Another option (little lazy) is to link from the forum article to the google article


To do this - in the google doc – select



copy the url for the publication (see below)



In the forum article, highlight the appropriate message.. like click her to see the article in google docs, then select the URL link icon


paste the url into the box and the message will be hyperlinked to the google doc article. 
while in the url box you will see a 2nd line called Target.. it is very important to selct the option called "new window" which means a new window is opened so this window does not close.

control the position of the picture in relation into the text

use “frames” (also known as tables) in outlook email or word doc

you create a simply frame .. work out the size you need for the pic and the text, then copy and paste it to the forum, then drag the pic and text  that is within the forum article into the frame or boxes

it’s easy once you know how

the other option is you could already set out the layout of frames inn the word doc before you upload to google docs . Google docs also has tables and frames but they are a little harder to control .

ideally you upload from word doc to google doc then copy the frame design from word to and paste directly into google docs and while in google docs move the data around to suit.

The benefit of google docs is that it can be a backup to the forum article.. it also has dictionary and many control options that the forum can not offer.

There are many help ideas placed in the user help section of the the auswathai forum  . take a peak

go to the home page of the forum and on the right hand side select "recent articles" and then select the article, when you do, notice the URL address in the browser.. this si the URL to the article..

copy it and paste it into an email ..  but it looks boring and complex.. so hide it behind a nice word and to do that is very easy

go to your email .. type the words you wish.. then make them hyperlink to the article...  hilite the text and then either right click and select hyperlink or look at the hyperlink icon in the control panel.
when you see the hyperlink box CTRP P (paste) the url of this article.  and that's it and ready to email..

when you friends see the email they can click on the words and be linked tot he article

good luck

-- Edited by Sawasdee on Thursday 29th of April 2010 01:38:54 PM

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