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Post Info TOPIC: Phuket - Patong Beach - The Path for Aussie

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Phuket - Patong Beach - The Path for Aussie



Flight time from WA to Phuket - about 6hrs

There is only one to go (carrier that is)...   TG....  while not get in the culture ith Amazing Smile and Care. 
An the Official AusWaThai Website for Aussie Travel Thailand
- Phuket - click here if we don't show it you don't need it!

Transport options from Airport
Taxi – when you walk out you should be consumed by generous smiles offering you a special deal fro Transport – That’s great – the price is what you can accept, otherwise turn right for the Taxi Meter stand and the price (for a sedan) to Patong Beach is approx: 350-400baht (depends on Traffic)

Other options – they are noted in the official AusWaThai Travel Thailand website under each region.
The 30 minute or so taxi ride is a chance to re read or practice your thai language words from our Travel Pak ….
If you forgot you can access on the net and download to your Iphone otherwise the best website to bookmark is
Our Destination PATONG BEACH
I tagged along with a brunch of young guys to see what they thought about Phuket... 

Tips if Driving in Phuket For drivers
You should have International licence however they will accept your Aussie driver licence (it will just complicate (cost you more) an accident), remember as a “Farang” the accident is going to be your fault!  Smile a lot apologise and be prepared to pay – it’s the culture!   (don’t do a Beer Matt (insult people and run away).  

  • Street Rules are the same, except in Patong the side Soi (side street): be warned (in 2009-07) they made the main Roads 1 way to streamline traffic and in Thai style decided to make all side streets right hand drive with the intent to keep traffic flowing (be careful).
I think 1st to 3rd timers feel safe with the 5star promoted venues but for the seasoned visitor they jump (with confidence) on the bargains. The 3-5 star Thai venues are great value. I don’t want to promote the Safari Hotel (right next to Bangla road with a Beach wing and best Seafood Restaurant) because I don’t want to miss out when I want to go. By the way I have blogged an article on Safari Hotel.
Right across the road is an Aussie Guest house - Sandy's - Forum article  or Collage Photo    
Also check out the Aussie venues in the Forum or in the official AusWaThai Travel Thailand website.

Recommended places  - in Patong Beach - 1st arrivals

I’m sure you can google “Patong” see many items, likewise “Nightlife” (just add that word to the google search), in fact that’s what we did in our Travel website–Phuket-Feed

The Beach Road  (Thaweewong Road)
As you would expect – this street is the face of Patong beach!  A selection of restaurants, bars and souvenir bargains – all at inflated prices, but you should expect that in lieu of location, so indulge and enjoy the convenience otherwise for the bargain hunter, walk down a Soi (side lane) and the price drops accordingly but so too does the presentation and up goes the temperature (it can be quite humid in the small market lanes) along with the language difference and there goes your relaxing holiday.. – up to you…  mind you some people love a bargain.. Remember – it’s the custom to haggle (always smile). 

  • Dinner - The Port (bar and restaurant) - about halfway along the main stretech on Beach Road. ....  why is is a place to go for the 1st timer.
    It’s flanked by options.  It has an open Bar right out on the Street, so when your waiting you don't have it, just sit and enjoy the view, when everyone arrives you decie on a coruse of action. The Port has a great restaurant (open theme) with a live band on a reloving stage. The restaurant has these tall slick looking glass kegs they can put on your table. Nice food nice atmosphere and the band is lively. For the mates that don't agree, they can go next door to Star Buck café’ or McDonalds. - Collage of the Port  

Indian touters, they can be quite assertive.  They are quite skilled at spotting an OZI and snag you with “G’day mate” and an outstretched hand to say hello..  haa haa if you accept the handshake well …  good for you .. but if you don’t be polite . I reckon they take advantage of the “ying yang” factor, that is Thai are so polite you feel compelled to be nice to anyone and these guys get you, Bugga !

If the walk along the main road get’s to you cross the street on the beach side it’s so much easier to walk without all the people and hawking – up to you.

AUSSIE LAND – Patong Otop  “Shopping Paradise
I happened to stumble across this “village” in 2nd road, it’s opposite a collection of 5 star hotels (I suggest it was created to cater for all the Aussie families that are pushed into these Hotels). That aside the village is a cool concept. You walk into the gates and it has it all for the tourist.  

The Beach is a sprawl of umbrellas, recliner chairs, freelance massage and drink stalls and then there are jet skies abuzz and soooooooooooo many Parasailing rides…  ever noticed the safety system (not) to ensure you have a safe landing…..   .. quite simple … when you go up (buckled in) a local transforms into a gibbon monkey and races up your back nestles in the ropes above. Cool, but how about the decent… that’s amazing … The boat screams into shore, makes a sharp turn to back to sea forcing the parasail to swing toward shore, they cut the engine causing you to plummet to earth, giving most onlookers the belief you’ll be smashed to pieces, but with unparalleled precision, just a few feet from earth the Boat powers up to ease the land and the jolly gibbon converts back to a Thai and slips down your back, drops to the ground while cradling your legs ever so softly onto the beach.  For some people just watching this activity is an addiction, waiting for something to go wrong, not that you want to see anyone hurt it’s just that it defies all our western thinking of safety induction… it drives me crazy …

You could not ignore the Megga Aussie Bar in Bangla Road.  It’s an Icon, don’t make it your home, just a launch pad. Collage of the Aussie Bar

Open/outdoor shop markets for him and her, lots of small Passive Thai bars, many covered in Aussie colours and most important some nice toilets up the back. It’s open all day and the evening until late so shop for her while he has a beer. 
In keeping with the Culture within a few days you will bond with a Bar and it’s staff and find yourself making new friends.. It’s that easy and for that they are lovely people.  Make sure you tell your friends, it’s a nice place. The collage picture says it all..  The group of young blokes found themselves a family (the girls got the BBQ out and cooked up a great diner).    Collage Photo

TOURISTY STUFF - Phuket FantaSea
Location: Kamala, about 20 mins from Patong beach.  2009 is the 10th Anniversary. Regardless of what anyone tells you it’s worth as visit. It’s extremely well presented and a very fair price. Unfortunately the actually indoor Performance is very close to a repeat of their sister venues 1 in Bangkok called “Siam Niramit” and 2. The other in Pattaya (sorry don’t know the name yet). But if you have not seen the show you should it’s a very classy act, dynamic and memorable.   Collage of Phuket Fantacy(not really, just google it)
         Blog article


I was very grateful for the introduction to this inspiration, thanks Khun Franco.  The place is an amazing success story.

I recommend you organise a small group (mini Bus) and visit. I created a separate article – click here    Collage Photo

Beach – brilliant (early morning and evenings are special).  Tours: many good.  Hospitality: Amazing.   Nightlife: haa haa that’s funny because it’s so dynamic from gentle to bizarre depends where you go.

It reminds me of the definition of Hedonism (at the bottom of the article) link to the article.           Collage of our Experience (well it was a bunch of young blokes).

Ok back on line: Golf – more brilliant (caddies are so nice), Foot Massage: miracles are so nice!   - yes it’s brilliant but a little too touristy for me.
My observation of the Young Guys: Good bunch of mates. I did my best to match the style, but I can't drink and dance like that. Many (their numbers increased during the week) were 1st timers looking for a "party atmosphere" and it offers it, in fact most of Thailand is on call for Party (Sanook) because it's just a fundamental adoring aspect of Thai culture...  just enjoy the moment.  The guys fell in love (kinship) with a quaint little Bar not far from their hotel and could not get over the (genuine wellness) of the staff.  Anyway they enjoyed and evidence is how soon they return and if they give more time to know the people and landscape, buts that's a time and place thing.  For me.....  a week of the boys I done...   and I had to go

I was a loyal Phuketien but a few years ago I switched top
Bangkok to face the fears of the monster town (I had some help) and the rest is history – Bangkok is so perception driven, don’t believe what you here.. Remember people say “don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story” because when you get introduced to the place and the people you soon realise it’s a Paradise.

Remember: everywhere Thailand ..... Smile!


Finally ... nothing to special but here is the Photo Album.. it's only about 12 photos, mainly the collage Photos or View as a slide show

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