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Visit West Australia in 2009, please view the travel diary .. see links below

 Hi everyone,    MY NAME KAT




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I come from Bangkok Thailand to visit Perth WA with the AusWaThai culture project, for details click here.  


The objective:   Brief log of each day ..  what I learn and what I teach about culture and exchange of friendship.

2009-09 KAT IS THE 1ST THAI VISITOR TO HELP PROMOTE ABOUT BUSINESS - she has a Short term Business Visa

AusWaThai focus is about people and friendship (not language and grammar)

1. The forum article (this page - you can comment)    
                2. The travel diary (backup word doc version)   
                              3. Travel Photo Album

2000-12-24 Moderator comments   - Unfortunately not every participate is successful.
Kate came to Perth WA to offer AusWaThai readers many benefits. 
Different to all other visitors - Kat already has a Business Visa so she has Business skills and can teach us things about Business Thailand and learn about Business Australia.

Kat has not been able to complete any Business task or project? 
she did not us the truth about her Business skills, she made many excuses and we tried to support her.   We discovered Kat has been busy
making many boyfriends, an image that is nothing to do with AusWaThai. 

We supported Kat and were deceived. She arrived and was unable to perform work as she was devasted by the betrayal of her husband. It was later discovered that she betrayed him and she deceived the  Immigration Dept to get a Business Visa because we thought she had skills to geta Visa as none of our applicants can get a visia. It turns out she deceived the dept as is has no Business skills.

We seek Thai visitors that will be a GOOD AMBASSADOR for their Country before themself

We continue the Projects of AusWaThai because we believe they give benefit for Business, Community and Travel - we learn from the bad experience. It is sad that we have to make our rules harder.

The Travel diary was never completed about work -... because the work was not done
The Travel diary was not completed about friendship and culture because - busy with other personal interests.
Now that kat has returned to Bangkok she is spreading negative comments that are likely to be a defamation case.
We show this information because we do not want the Immigration or other people to think we endorse or have any connection to this person.


date: 18/09/09

arrive .. at the perth airport about 7.15 am ..  it is new here for me i have been some place before but not much to travel alone!!!  so i am still exciting every time i have to travel alone and everything it is new for me!! new city!! everything ready to go....  But hung on i forget something!!!!  in my suitcase have some pill!!!  oh no !!!!!!!!!   now make me more worry!!!  because how that can pass the scarner machine!!!  i was thought,  they will sent  me back for sure if they see it!!!  i was worry when i was waiting on the line...  and it is my trun now .   i carry the bag put it on the line and now my suitcase stop on the middle my heart nearly stop the same!! and move back a little bit and move pass over .  a lady walk to me and say open the suitcase ..  i feel i am very scared . i open and they have the thing both side another side it is my colthes and another side it is for my personal use.  she check and that side it is ok on that time i try to put my pill under my clothes because it can see very easy!!!  now she come on my side check my colthes and open she ask me this it is your pill . .. i say yes because have one open because i ate it before!!!  then she  say ok close the bag and that the door!!!!!  oh my god!!  i want to run from this place .  i come out and look around because i'm not really know yet who will come to pick me today!!!!!  but for me sound very exciting i am going to see who i don't know before!!  
9 October 2009
This week start to get  hot  now  last night I was so very hot!!!  I got sweat too can’t believe I will got it here!!!  Wake up few time in the night… then get up early.. go to take a walk around the house it is very nice area.. House around here it is so beautiful..  I like to walk and look at the tree they grow up .. U know here a bit the same Thailand .. most off the house around here .. they have  lemon tree  a lot!!!  It is very nice weather today!!  Walk a long then trun back home!!!  Haha   lady can smell me .. they waiting.. don’t know what time they come out from khun  phill room… hope they not wake him up!!!  Give them food and start to cooks.. khai luk khuey   and kaeng khiaw waan  good very body wake up after food finish  ready to have breakfast  here we are always have late breakfast.. so I should call bruch  hahaha..  then  got many iron today.. oh I run off a time  now time to cooking again!!!   After we have dinner…I go back to my room get ready to sleep and chatting with my kids..  look forward to see u .. my lovely girls  not chat with her for while  because have problem at my home in Thailand 
20 October 2009
 Up early again!!! About 3 then try to sleep but can’t  try check my mail and my face book too..  today I plan to go Asia to buy Thai food there. Because some staff run out .. get up cook thai food for breakfast  then get ready to go leave house about  14.00 pm  ..  from house and I get lose about  2 hr..  time nearly finish… run very fast to buy the thing  .. thinking  shop will close soon.. after shop we go to wait pair at the pizza shop in the city… wow just one pizza and 2 coke 1 water it is 70 dollar.!!!!  I will never go back there again!!!  We wait for pair about  1 and half hr.. then I meet nong great  she come  and she say she will take pair back….  Because I have to cooking for dinner as well running a bit late!!!!  Because  tonight  I will go to have fish and cheap on the beach  it is first time to see the beach here.. not much I see.. some people here playing a sport on the said here..  back home about 9.30,, was good to go out and see something  ever the beach here a little to dark and  quite  not like pattaya in Thailand it is completely different ..555  but good to know and learn new thing all the time if your glass not full yet!!!!  Go out and learn new thing everywhere it is your Classroom the world it is your big school!!!!  What u think???


22 October  2009  

Last night I tried to sleep as much as I can.. because today I have to go take pictures  ..I love it..  want to have good pictures and good memory to show my family and to show every body too.. khun Arun come to  pick me up about 13.00  then he took me to the place .. Him like and think good for my picture today..  We will go to the waterfall at Lesmurdie.. take about 45 minute from como..   then we arrive there  have to start walking a bit  we walk there about 10 or 15 minute then I see waterfall. wow!!! looks good I  think I will have a good picture today.. I like the way how he takes my picture very natural.. but can make  normal lady to be a bit sexy.  Haha..  hey wait now I got  a little bit of a problem… I see 1 millipede oh no I hate this so much . then I start to worry .. I can’t ever walk now.. I tell khun Arun  ..and I can tell  he was a little disappointed ..  so I try to be strong and keep walking  he ask me if I want to go back.. I say no I need a good picture .. I try to be strong as much as I can ever now my face has a lot of tears.. we walk to waterfall then he shared I will go checking for you.. I say please let me go with you … I can’t stay alone like this feeling   .. I feel I want to jump on his back now!!!!   He see’s something but not tell me what is that..  He just say we have to go back  he didn’t tell me why.. I was very sorry khun Arun.. I really wanted you to take my picture so much...  I did not forget to take a picture for khun Phill ever just 1 pic and I not ever open my eyes too.. and now time to run!!!!!  Thank you so much  and so sorry to disappointed you  khun Arun.. next time please
24 October 2009 

Today  is still cold but not much.. like last week.. got to go to party with Pair and khun Arun and Rod .. khun Arun come to get me and!!! He took a beautiful girl with him.. her name Anicha.. beautiful and friendly girl.. a Birthdays they friends.. here also have kids too.. so cute.. make me missing my kids so bad.. but we are always sharing on msn all the time  .. so now I have to become stronger not to cry when I miss them a lot..!!  sorry come back to the party.. little girl wants the candy.. oh let me see what I got in my doramon bag!!!  Oh I find some thing for them.. "sugar" it is candy.  they liked a lot.. she is lovely and plays with me now.. until candy finish  hehe..they ask for some more I don’t really have any to give her but i find some gum  .. I didn’t  her mom was a bit angry with her because she knows she is not allowed to eat that.. but she is so smart to say.. so she got one.. what I learn  every mum in the world always  teach they kids the same  ..some times mothers have to be strong to teach them.!!!!  she is so smart!!!! They know how they can use their smile and they will get what they want!!! Haha smart girl…  khun Arun take me and Pair home but we were talking before I go in the house.. about  1 hr.. khun Arun is younger then me  but him have so many experience He was sharing with me how it is real life.. how it is people think.. how to move on!!!  Tonight it is changing my LIFE!!!  Thank you  Arun..( He said if you believe in God ,God will always with you and God will give you a OPPERTUNITY!!!  Thank you again. Arun Thongjaj
25 October 2009 

Hi today might be fun!!! It is Sunday here, we shall go Loy Krathong it might be fun !!!  wake up and cooking and been sharing with my children .. oh now I have 15 minutes ..  have to run now!!  And get ready khun Phil is waiting … so sorry boss..  have to make up in the car.. my boss drive’s and I am make up.. I was thinking how funny I behave like he is my bf!!! Ha-ha I am very shy but have to do .. make me beautiful ..hahaha  Now we are in the Loy Krathong festival not to far from khun Phil house about maybe just 10 or 15 minute!!!  Have the shop selling some Thai food most of them it is Som-Tum ..  hahaha  yes everybody like this!!  Me too some times I feel I want to eat Som-Tum too…  We walk inside they have show and miss loy krathong day.   but here they do not have really the same like in Thailand because here can’t put krathong in the water!!  Not feel like loy krathong.. but look like just Exhibition show about Loy Krathong  something like that.. was not too bad.. and I ask p’ nud and her husband to come  here today too. Wait for while .. they have get lost somewhere.. so sorry I may not have given them clear directions or address.. I meet  khun da she is married to khun phil’s friend.. she is a very shy girl.. she is such a very lovely girl she has 2 sons.. wow !! the older one is very shy like her also.. hahaha  lovely boy  I love the boy.. we have some time together.. then after we finish I meet Daniel.. guy from Scotland welcome to know about Thai  culture Daniel..  He has just been here about  7 weeks ago.. We are so new in Perth!!!!! . HAHAHA 

This is me at the Royal Show

my photo album has about 10 pics of the royal show - to see also the pics see photo album

  10-10-2009  - The Royal Show - Festival

We travel to place near the city called  "Claremont" to visit the Royal Show. This is a special Festival for all the family. They show all the farm life and also have lots of food and games and rides and the show is for about 1 week.

I go with some aussie friends


1 November 2009 

Good morning everybody.. I feel very good today..  wake up and start cooking like I normally do.. but very hard when I have to think about what I’m going to cook!!!  That it is very hard more than cooking !!!..  today I make  kai pa low and fried vegetable by nong Pair..  we have many guest today .. and the man I’m waiting for him come too.. he he. Because my boss shared he can tell me about my life in the  future.. but oh no he has no time for me.. he just came for few minute and was gone .. that upset me a bit because I waited for him to come back from Canada.. but it’s ok  hope to see him again before I go back home ..  wow!!!  we have another guest .. who has a little girl too . she is so cute  .. now make’s me miss my children too. I have not shared with them for 3 night already..  after I finish my cooking they tried my food .. and shared it was so yummy they want to come and cook with me next time.. good I love to learn and teach them as well .. after everybody had gone I have to clean the garden before Phil cuts the grass because have many **** from my big kid .. lady!!! Ha-ha.. 
7 November 2009 

Today I have to go to dinner with Daniel and his family… the man from Scotland!! And his family.. such a lovely family they have 2 boys and 2 girls  .. she is so beautiful and she is so shy a lot too.. very cute.. nice house  .. we go out for dinner.. wow!!!  when we arrive at the " hogs breath café " it is very busy.. we booked the table about 7.30  but.. we have to wait for food about 50 minutes. and steaks they prepare it beautifully before severing!!! They cook for 18 hr!!!  Nice and oh I have to wait a little bit longer because they are missing my dinner!!  Thank you  " McCulloch "  for a very nice dinner it is so special !!!!  Ever had to wait to long but nice taste!!!   Good night
8 November 2009 

Today khun Phill have to go back to work in Thailand again!!!  I wake up early like normal cooking Thai food… then start to clean after I make the mess  .. then i go to clean the pool and go to help khun Phil to get ready to go back to Thailand ..  khun  jury came then khun Phil start chat to her then pair and then my turn… wow.. I got some idea from her.. Good to know her!!  She lived here for long time.. also she speaks English very fast too… don’t you think.. how she speak thai???  Ha-ha  much more fast then English a lot…she is a very smart girl always busy like khun Phill.. we have brunch  then mom come to get khun Phil to go airport!!! Like she does all the time..always take care .. She is a much better driver…for her special son!!  Hahaha .. have a good trip khun Phill..
11 November 2009 

Today nong Pair go to school very early.. after she goes I was cleaning the kitchen, and start to go cleaning the toilet..  and heard some voices so I go to open the door. Some man in front of the house he say he came to fix something in the house.. I try to ring khun Phil mom.. but did not get through.. The man wanted to wait until mom come.. then after that I try to ring mom again, then she arrived and took the man to my room.. and I have to go to close the machine for cooking the eggs today I will cook kai pa low for dinner. I then start cleaning the house, and iron my clothes today, finish cleaning about  5 PM then start to cook for dinner again, I’m very happy when I see people eat my cooking and say how yummy and delicious it is!!! hahaha
16 November 2009 

I Have waken up about 5 am this morning and start to open my laptop because it is still so early and too early to get up yet. Not much sleep, open laptop then check my email, wow about 200 now I have not opened yet I have been a bit busy this weekend.  Have to help khun Phil mum get ready for khun Phil kid Birthdays!!!   After clean and reply to some mail in my inbox then I get up about 7.20 AM give lady food and Oliver food as they may be so very hungry they wait for me in front of my room because last night we did not sleep together.. hahaha  I feel like she is very lonely and I think she may be missing khun Phill and now I have to look after her more careful because she needs to have some medicine for her eyes 3 time a days.  After cooking today cleaning the kitchen then now it is time for a shower, Oh somebody coming.  Khun Phil friends came..The man I was waiting for.. hahaha  Today he has to tell me about my future, he shared when I turn to 35 or 36 I will have some man come in my life and the man will change my life and my life will involve travel a lot and I will have a long life too about 80 ha-ha anyone want to know old lady like me???? hahaha  that was what he shared with me thank you khun Devit 

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