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Post Info TOPIC: A word about the seedy side of Thailand.


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A word about the seedy side of Thailand.

Many years ago there was an entry in the Macquarie Dictionary that went like this;
Thailand, A place of beautiful temples and many prostitutes.
Well, you don't think the Thai government of the time didn't like that very much.
They took out ads every where possible saying that there was absolutely no prostitution in Thailand. Those of us who were living here at the time, and the 1,000's of foreigners who were exploring the sex trade as these words were flying, were just sitting back laughing at the Thai governments efforts to deny the undeniable.
However, think about it this way. If those 1,000's of foreigners, from multiple different countries I hasten to add, weren't here, the trade wouldn't be so prevelant. You see the industry got a big boost from the Vietnam war, when all the soldiers came to Thailand for some R&R. From what I have been told Pattaya grew in those days from being a fishing village to being a town know for the services provided to those war weary combatants, and has never looked back to this day.
No one can blame the soldiers though, they needed to relieve the stress somehow.
Now I'm not silly enough to say that the business is driven totally by the westerners in the country, the Thai men are know for their infidelity too, but the worldwide industry of sex-tourism contributes in a big way, and most Thai "workers" would rather meet a nice western man than a Thai, It's just the plan honest truth.
So what do the Thai women think of all the western men who come to Thailand looking to partake in the services on offer, and the ladies who provide that service ??
You may be surprised to know that the vast majority of them don't think anything about it at all !! Confusionism is alive and well here, and if asked most would give some sort of reply along the lines of "live and let live".
How's that for understanding. You see, the Thais are taught to be non-judgemental (and in some cases even non-seeing) from a very early age.
So, here's the upshot of all this. Gents, if you are coming to Thailand to take advantage of these services, do so in the appropriate places and remember that not all Thai women are 'available' because you have money in your pocket. Treat the ones outside the industry as you would any respectable female in your own country.
Ladies, don't be too judgemental, even the 'working girls' have a story to tell. In lot's of cases they are interesting stories too. Stories of hardship and poverty for the most part.
Come to Thailand with the eyes and ear open and you can learn many things from many different people. Even those forced to use their bodies as their biggest asset.
But do come, it's a great place to visit.



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     Well..  Khun  Dale

    Culture of Thailand.  I will learn culture and lifestyle of other location in Thailand.When I stay at other location. I like travel around town , market and Wat. I take morning or evening.

          Market : I can see Culture and Lifestyle of region : Food, Dress, Language.  I can talk with region man really and shopping.

          Wat :  I can see about civilization of region at wat.  I can know about old culture and old lifestyle of region long ago. Beauty of Wat.  Wai Buddha (Wish protection When I stay in this region and travel) and talk with Monks about Wat.

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