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Post Info TOPIC: " Sin-Sod " The first step to marry Thai girl


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" Sin-Sod " The first step to marry Thai girl

The first step in marrying a Thai girl is to have someone approach the ladies parents to discuss the "Tong Mun" and "Sin Sod."

"Tong Mun" which means "gold engagement" is actual 24 karat gold jewelry given to the lady. This is similar to the western engagement ring, which may also be given, but will not be expected.
"Sin Sod" is the marriage price, the word "Sin" means riches, things of value. In the past it might have been farm animals, farm products, land, or some such. Now money is used as the thing of value. "Sod" is the act of storing away, or holding the "Sin". Long ago it could have been keeping the "Sin" if it was a farm animal in a secure fenced area. Now the "Sin" would be likely stored by depositing the money into a bank. The amount will vary due to several factors such as, the social status and wealth of the parents, the education, age, and beauty of the daughter. The cost of the ceremonies, parties, food, etc., will be paid by the parents using part of the Sin Sod.

As a Westerner you think this sounds like selling ones daughter but the Thai culture has a completely different idea about it. They believe a prospective husband owes them for bringing up the daughter to be a proper lady and wife. Second you are replacing the labor she would have contributed to the family wealth. Third you are demonstrating you have the financial ability to support a family. Thai's are very strict about going along with their culture.

The "Tong Mun" and sometimes the "Sin Sod" will be presented at a betrothal ceremony called a "Phitee Mun," which will take place at the parents home. There may be a small group of family and friends present for the ceremony which involves the introduction of the groom by a friend, giving of the gifts, promises by the groom to take care of the daughter, and acceptance by the parents. You and your lady are now considered to be "Koo Mun" which means "tied or joined couple," (engaged.) Afterward there will be a meal served, and conversation.
Sometime later, it could be the same day, next day, next week, or whatever date set by the "Koo Mun," there will be the actual wedding ceremonies.

The "Bai Sri Soo Kwan" ceremony. The "Bai Sri" is a symbolic ornament put together by the women of the village using banana leaves, rice, flowers, and string. "Soo Kwan" is a sermon given by a village elder. The ceremony concludes by each guest tying a string around the wrist of the bride and of the groom, while giving the married couple their blessings, followed by the placing of a garland of flowers around the couples necks. There will be a meal, music, and "Ram Vong" dancing if there is room.

Although some or most Westerner's disagree or don't like the idea of paying for a wife, it is Thai tradition. For more than 20 years I've been to many wedding ceremonies, including many family members and only once did I hear of the brides parents giving some of the Sin Sod back to the groom so he could start a business. In addition, Thai grooms usually give more than farang. The bride & groom share the gifts of money given to them at the Phitee Mun ceremony.

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hey this is really good reading .. is somone helping you write these articles or you doing good research ?

we have some info about Thai Marriage in our WA Thai culture

so i will compare and update, thanks for the contribution

thanks again



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I will be asking my Thai girlfriend to marry me, so this article is very interesting to me? Do both the "Tong Mun" and "Sin Sod" happen always or is it mostly Sin Sod?

Thai culture is totally new to me. I got back from Thailand early October after being to Phuket and Bangkok.

I will go into detail in my next post about my relationship with Pim.


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