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Visit West Australia in August 2009 for 30 days, please view the travel diary .. see links below


 Hi everyone,    I am Kae


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I come from Bangkok Thailand to visit Perth WA with the AusWaThai culture project, for details click here.  


The objective:   Brief log of each day ..  what I learn and what I teach about culture and exchange of friendship.

AusWaThai focus is about people and friendship (not language and grammar)

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The travel diary (backup word doc version) 

                                                      3. Travel Photo Album


Date 23/08/09
Sunday morning flight TG from Bangkok to Perth, flight time was about 6.30 hrs,  arrived Perth in the evening, been asked some questions by the immigration but all went well smile.gif  Dusi and khun Phill's mom Ms. Von came to pick me up at the airport and take me straight to Phill's home, mom is probably the best ( fastest ) driver for 72 years old lady in Perth! smile.gif we finally arrived home, big & beautiful house, first time to
meet lovely Lade, a blind dog... then meet n' pair, a funny and friendly girl and mary, another Thai student live in this house.  We had a fun welcome dinner and chit chat for my first day in Perth.. quite cold at night time but had a warm and relaxing feeling... thanks girls! smile.gif oh and a little cat Oliver too!


My second day in Perth! very exciting and couldn't wait to wake up to see the town.... smile.gif its cold and cloudy day but feel nice. Dusi took me to walk around the house area and take some photos.. we walk to Swan river near by, what a beautiful view! many people come to take photos, jogging, take dogs for a walk...  really relaxing atmosphere compared to Bangkok where I live caz there is hard to find the place to do such things.. this is one thing I like about Perth, less traffic, clean, fresh air hmmmmm... nice!
We made Thai food, Lade and Oliver always around... not sure if they think it smells good or make them itchy on their noses! smile.gif

Today take easy at home, made Thai breakfast with Dusi and also prepare for other girls when they are back from school, since I love cooking, everybody know where to find me smile.gif then we do some house cleaning, its a big house but easy to clean up caz all are helpful equipments and well organized house..
Lade & Oliver always ask for food with those pity eyes... but time to diet for Lade! but we like to play game " happy bottle " with Lade, she is such a happy and smart blind dog ever! Oliver like to sit in the sun watching us playing smile.gif


Today khun Phill came back from Thailand, first day to see him in his house... he is very kind person and make us feel as our own house... thank you khun Phill... the girls took me to drive around Perth city, very nice and beautiful places... we went to the asian shop where we can find any of asian food, but I prefer my fresh market in Thailand smile.gif
This evening khun Phill's friends are coming for a party, we made Thai spring roll, Tom yam kung Nachos, and Pad thai, they are nice, funny and friendly people... and they seems likes our food.... phew!


 Today went to the city of Perth with Dusi, n'Pair come to meet us and show us around... many nice shops & good stuffs, remind me of Siam Square in Bangkok.. all the shops here are close at 5pm... for me thats too early! I get used to the shops in Bangkok that they close around 9-10pm, so I like Bangkok more on this point smile.gif
In the evening khun Phill took us to see an Australian football game... sooooooo exciting! what a huge stadium in real.. WOW! it was a real excited to see all the players so close instead of watching on tv as usual! lots of people & sounds of people cheering their team.. cool!  thank you khun Phill smile.gif
After the game khun Phill took us to King's Park to see the night view of Perth, what a beautiful panoramic view.....!!!

breakfast1.JPGIts sunday today and khun Phill took us to a nice restaurant by the Swan river for breakfast... really nice place with a fantastic view of Perth city.... and the food was yummy but it was a big plate so we couldn't finish them all, so I asked khun Phill if we can pack our left food home for the dog, khun Phill says yes we can but some food or seafood are not allowed to take home caz some people bring the left food home and leave it for few days till they eat again, so they get sick and might complain and sue the restaurant, thats why the restaurant do not allow to take food home... another thing I've learned about Australia...


Beautiful church in the city


Walking around the house


Swan river with Perth city view


Night view from King's Park


Kae&Dusi at football game


King's park at night



Today taking easy at home, make Thai breakfast and lunch, every morning khun Phill will come and talk about differernt stuffs, cultures, makes joke.. etc... make people at home laugh and feel relaxed.... thank you khun Phill....
n'Pair came back from school in the afternoon, we took Lade for a walk, really nice weather today, no raining but still cold. I really love this town, not too busy and not too quiet, just right atmosphere.. In the evening we made Thai food, and khun Phill's friend drop by for chit chat, play video game with n'Pair tonight, was sooooooo fun! smile.gif


Today mom came to pick me up, we went to the store to buy a new wardrobe.. they are huge stores in the same road, its interesting that they do separate different stuffs in each store and they all are huge..... its easy to find and less confuse but if you need more than one thing, you need to drive to another store and that's takes time....In Thailand we have everything in one place but ofcourse less stuffs but safe time... so there are always good & bad point everywhere...


Finally today has arrived! smile.gif
I, Pair and Mary drove to sunday market, they sell some beautiful used stuffs but we had a bad luck... not many people come today as its raining...So we headed to the city named Fremantle... really beautiful view on the way there... we drive around the city, many of beautiful old buildings.... feel so good! I love this city.. we drop to the big store, seems like a werehouse which they have many stuffs... cloths.. shoes... home decor... souvenir... etc.... quite cheap compared to the perth city.On the way back we went to the beach to take some photos... really cold and windy but see some people surfing in the ocean.... oh my.... make me feel freezing already just to watch them surfing! smile.gif

Another easy day today, make breakfast for khun Phill, he always busy working in his office room, do lots of work at the same time... I have never seen someone work very hard and all the time like khun Phill before.... amazing....
Its time to do laundry today and some cleaning, mom drop by and had some chit chat, mom is a funny person, always tells jokes and make me laugh, lovely mom smile.gif
Pair is back home late afternoon, we went to the store near by and take Lade for a walk at the same time... happy Lade again smile.gif
We made Thai food for dinner, and one of khun Phill friend drop by, had some talking and good night all ....


Its weekend! went to the city with n'Pair, a little raining today but not serious, the wind brings rain come and go all day... this is Perth in the winter time...
We went to Harbor town, another shopping area, most of them are on sale as the winter time will be gone soon... I see many stuffs like cloths, shoes... in Bangkok are more beautiful and more style than here... hmmmm.... maybe Thailand is a warm country so more various stuffs and more fun to wear smile.gif 



Kids selling choco at sunday market


Another side of Swan river


Kids band in town



Woke up with rainy morning... we make Thai breakfast and lunch then in the afternoon went to Curtin university with n'Pair to find the building for her exam tomorrow... when we were in the university, we did walk on road but still keep walking aside... but seems not enough caz one of the guy drove over and tell me I have to walk on the side walk only, not on the road... ooops.... well.. I just got used to walk on the road in Bangkok hahaha....  thank you for telling me! another lesson of the day... so we decided to walk back to the car and drive to another building which is very far... oh... what a big university we are now.... smile.gif


Another rainy day... first time to see this heavy raining with strong wind in Perth, quite scary sounds of storm.. smile.gif  so I do some cleaning and laundry, play with Lade and talk with Oliver, yes I did... smile.gif
In the evening khun Phill's daughters came, Kate, Tessa and Kelly, they all beautiful and lovely, we all had pizza for dinner and watch movie together, another good evening I had...



Its sunny day today! khun Phill mow the front and back lawn quickly, he said he wanted to get himself out of the office room, stop working for a while and do something else... good idea, caz he always working!
In the afternoon when n'Pair is back home, we drive the scooter to town for an asian shop, a little excited but fun even a little cold brrrrr...... but on the way back wasn't that fun.... raining again and quite heavy raining too! we wear helmet but didn't help! had to stop driving twice on the way back home caz its soooooo cold and we all wet! we needed to get home before its getting dark so we had no choice...  driving our cute scooter home under the rain with less than 10c degree.... took us 1 hr to get home finally! thank god we are alive! another memorable day of my life! smile.gif cheers n'Pair! hahaha..... 


Woke up with the feeling of freezing from yesterday smile.gif
We make breakfats for khun Phill and had some chit chat as usual, in the afternoon khun Phill took me to the his insurance company office beside the Swan river, nice place with fantastic view!
In the evening khun phill's friend, Frank drop by and more friends came, p' Aood, a Thai lady who is the president of the Thai&Australian association in Perth, she is vey nice and kind lady, very friendly and fun to talk with smile.gif
We are looking forward for Thai festival next week smile.gif


Oliver, little quiet cat woke me up today, he seems to got used to me now and like to get closer to me more, good! Oliver is always keep quiet but he always need love and care... so he come to me more often now, I like that smile.gif  
In the evening n' Pair's friend, n' Grace came over and take me and Pair to town, we went to a Thai restaurant for Som-tam, Kor moo yang, Sa-tey and Yen ta fo.... yummy! then we walk around the place called northbridge, plenty of restaurants, bars and also many of Asain restaurants and all places are full of customer, its more like an Asain town here... and today is weekend, so lots of people tonight but we just walk around to feel the night life of Perth city, beautiful city and cold smile.gif

Today khun Phill's preparing to go Thailand in late afternoon, went for breakfast with his daughters and back home to do some more works, always busy khun Phill....
me&Pair gave Lade a nice shower and better smell for her caz khun Phill is off to Bangkok today so I will be in chagre of taking care of her when sleep from tonight! smile.gif



London Court


Perth Fashion show 2009


Lade woke me up early morning! the house become a little quiet today caz khun Phill left to Bangkok, made breakfast with n'Pair and she gone to school..
Do my laundry and cleaning, never feel lonely caz Lade always around whereever I go, my good buddy! muah!!!
n'Pair came back home early, we went to the supermarket near by and taking Lade for a walk with us too, my happy Lade again smile.gif
We made Kuay teaw kai ( chicken noodle soup ) for dinner, yummy!

Today n'Pair is home, we take it easy at home, n'Pair made Panang Kai ( chicken fried curry ) for lunch... hmmm.... I didn't know you are quite good Pair... hehehe....n'Grace came for dinner with us, she is a Thai student and live here for a year now, so she tells us her experiences in Perth, also her funny story, we had a nice and fun evening smile.gif 

Another rainy day today, windy like a storm burrr.r.......

but the rain here always come and go, never rain all day long, you can see the heavy raining for few minutes and the sun come out next...then rain again..  always like this in Perth this time. so never scared to get wet when go out caz it will stop quickly anyway.


Today also raining but not much as yesterday, n'Pair take me to Fremantle city again but this time by train, first time I took the train in Perth smile.gif
We catch the train at Perth train station to Fremantle, takes about 30 minutes, nice view all the way... finally we arrived and start to walk around.. today we go to another part of Fremantle which they have lots of shops, nice reataurants and many of beautiful old buildings.. beautiful church.. very lovely town..
on the way back in my train ticket says my valid time is 2.30pm so we thought we have to get on the train before 2.30 and we did, but when we arrived to Perth station, the station guy stop me and said I had arrived 30 minutes late than the ticket valid time! when the ticket says 2.30 means we have to arrived Perth station by 2.30, not get on the train by 2.30!! and the penalty is $100....
are you kidding!!!!!! I said sorry to him and say that we misunderstood and this is my first time... he asked to see my passport, luckily I bring it with me..  then he look at my sad face ( well.. who's gonna smile?? ) and said to me, he will let me go this time and no more mistake next time! thank god! I don't remember how many times I say Thank you to him and we quickly walked out of there as fast as we can hahaha.... n'Pair told
me all the penalty in Australia are very expensive, I believe you now jaaa.....!

Today woke up early at 6am. another Thai girl Kat is coming from Thailand today, I and mom went to pick her up from the airport and take her home, welcome Kat smile.gif
We had some chit chat and show Kat around the house and show her where all the things are.. she is lovely and funny girl smile.gif
Take Kat to the supermarket in the afternoon and walk around the house, she seems happy and like it here smile.gif
We had dinner together with n'Pair too, and get to know each other fast caz we all are easy to get along, another nice evening we had smile.gif

Its Saturday and everybody home, raining again... we made lunch and chilling-out at home all afternoon. In the eveing take Lade for a walk and let Kat try to lead her, ohhhh... doesn't looks good caz Lade is bigger than Kat! hahaha.... but Kat try her best smile.gif  We made Kuay teaw look chin ( meat ball noodles soup ) for dinner today, taste good!


Thai festival
Perth 2009



Finally today has arrived! the Thai festival in Perth, located at Russell Square Park in Northbridge..  its a Thai cuisine fair, alsoThai products, Thai fasion show, food demo, fun corner and beer garden.. lots of Thai people and Australian, also lots of other nationality. We meet Arun, the guy who come to take photos for us, he live in Perth for years, also meet n'Grace, we explore the festival and talk to some people, there are lots of people more than I thought... we have made some new friends today, it was a fun & happy sunday afternoon for everybody smile.gif
We back home and mom still here to make sure if everythings ok with the house. We made Thai dinner for our friend Arun and n'Grace came over to join us, we all had a really nice evening together,  it was one of my favorite day in Perth... 


Today is the day before my last day in Perth smile.gif in the morning my new friend pick me up and took me around.. also to the King's Park and many Places in Perth, I have a really nice and beautiful day, didnt want to go back home cry.gif  then in the afternoon Arun pick me up and take me to Perth zoo which is very close to the house, wow! its a huge place, ! its rainy day today but we had no choice and just keep going.. soooooo cold and windy in the zoo, my favorite one was a big laid back lion.. amazing! and finally I meet an Australian Kangaroo for my first time... they are cute..  see many amazing animals to see in this huge zoo..
in the evening Arun and his friend Rod take me and n'Pair to go fishing at Swan river near by... my first time for fishing... plus.. in this freezing evening!!!  we got only small fish but fun! also can see the night lights of Perth on the other side of the river at the same time... what a beautiful moment... another memorable day...


Date 22/09/09
My last day in Perth... time to pack.. Lade looks sad today.. make me sad to leave her soon..  Kat and Pair also looks sad caz their chef is leaving hehe... in the afternoon mom came to pick me up so time to say good bye to everyone, Pair, Kat, also Oliver, my little cutie cat.. its hard to say good bye to Lade caz she looks real sad... ohhh... I hate this....I am gonna miss her very much...
mom drive me to the airport and we had a nice talk on the way.. we give warm hugs and say good bye to each other, mom was really nice and kind to me everytime we see each other, thank you very much mom smile.gif
Ok, time to say good bye to Perth now, my flight is 4.45pm by TG,
hope to have a chance to visit beautiful Perth again some day.
Kindly thank you very much to Khun Phill for being a nice host and giving me this wonderful experience... khob khun ka... 





Freezing fishing


Pair - Dusi - Kae


day dreaming Lade


hungry for fish Pair


Cute Kangaroo

this is the daily diary of events .. sometimes the small pictures in the diary do not show, if this happens please click link 2 The travel Diary

Kae S


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Wernnnn Laewww!!!
seems like you are so fun with me naa..55
hey ..Let's get to go out , get new experience and write more..I wanna read ..HuHu.
see you soon my friend..:) Boe Boe Krajung.......tang.....t......k 555!!!
DArkkkkkkkkkk ang kja!!


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I think you missing something  , I don't  see you take photo at king park in the day time  I think  it is a wonderful view in Perth . Don't Miss



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We been there ka, been to many places, to many photos to post ka xxx

Kae S


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thank you Janis for "PENHUANG" my friend *_* HuHu




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Hi Kae,
It was wonderful to meet you. I wish we had more time. I really hope you enjoyed your visit here. Im glad you had fun at the Zoo, even though it was raining. I will be coming over to Thailand very soon, so we will all catch up, and it will be your turn to take me places :)
Miss you na,



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thanks for sharing pretty Kae..i like so much..just about enjoy your story smile.gif

Stay safe , stay happy and stay beautiful!

Angella xoxo



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Thank you ka P' Angella! I am glad you enjoy my story.
Have a safe trip back to Bangkok na ka,
see you soon ka! luv - Kae xxxxx hmm

Kae S
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