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Post Info TOPIC: Nightlife Tour -Bangkok - Wattana (Asoke/Nana) for GUYS (medium)
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Nightlife Tour -Bangkok - Wattana (Asoke/Nana) for GUYS (medium)

wink Best Practices
Don't rely on the adds and internet flyers (they are always good). The best option is chat with the local and compare to your needs and wants.

The focus is area "Wattana" (Asoke/Nana)  ... also known as "Farangville"
1. Farangville  (
Farang means Foreigner) The location is generally the Sukhumwit (main road) along the BTS skytrain line between Soi 4 (BTS Nana) to ?  about Soi 30 this area has lots of Bars, Restraurants and ex pats, it also boasts good shopping and nice people.

The BTS (skytrain) station at Soi 19 is (E4) ASOKE
Shukhumwit means "main road" or "Highway" every village has one (Bangkok, because of it's size has many). This sukhumwit is the original, other sukhumwits are sukhumwit 2 or 4 or 5 etc.,
and by the by.. Tanon means "road" and Soi means "lane" or side road.

ashamed 2. Pat Pong - (can't tell you much because I've not been) Google can tell you lots it's basically an anything goes place, a side show alley..   BTS skytrain station near Pat Pong is (S2) Sala Daeng.  There are a  trillions of myths about what goes on there and we will Report on it soon.

Sukhumwit Soi 19 - we recommend this location.
               it's close to utilities; Public Transport
BTS and MRT,  good choices accomodation, a quite Soi with variety of amendities.  Update: 2009-10 now have a webpage showing all features of Soi 19  link at the shows "social Network" 
Soi 19 (and nearby) host 3-4-5 star accommodation from 900baht per night, lower than that is a little too thai style, unless you know what you are doing).  The 5 Star International Hotels are everyhere but most guys aren't fussed about the glamour so chat to the Travel Agents in Soi 19.

Local knowledgevisit AusWaThai friends - Thaihappy to give you free tips (see link above re Soi 19 - Social Network)
Thai friends can help about Tours and shopping YOU WILL SAVE time and money.

 AusWaThai Expat friends, a place to have a social drink and collect knowledge for nightlife

show your support join our friendship network at

thoughts on Bars/venues.. along Sukhumvit
Click on this Local map called 
"Soi 19 Map" starting from Soi 19 and moving left (all places are detailed hereunder and listed on the Longdo map), if you are zoomed at scale 14, right click in the street to get more details


Soi 19 as at 10/06/09
New Bar called
Bangkok Rocks, next door to Khun May Exotic tour and Travel. Live band, but the Soi is dormie at night.. BUT that can change anytime so please check for yourself and give feedback.
winkbiggrinsmile08/09/09 feedback from 
auswathai friend  new soundproofing installed. The food is very good (outside area for smoking).. The manager "Billy" is very approachable and appreciates the patronge (one of the lads)
2009-10 Update: The place is rocking and Billy is a great Social ambassador make sure you introduce yourself from AusWaThai.


Soi 11 The Australian Pub and BBQ.  The management is Aussie. This place is upmarket (not Thai Style).   Management always happy to chat (if not too busy) otherwise ask the staff (always ask why something is good to see if it suits your style). Obviously go when it's quite if you seek some advice.  In Terms of Price it's a little up but it goes with the fitout and customer base they are pitching for.

Soi 11
Aussie Pub mentioned above, back about 200mtrs towards Sukhumwit is
The Ambassador Hotel - it has a nightclub in the basement called "Spice Club" (update: 2009-10 Name change to "climax"). You enter via the car park basement. The walk looks and feels suspect getting to the door but once inside - you will be delighted with the atmosphere it's full on music and lights, lots of people and smiles "Sa nook Sa naan"   Smoking is not banned so be prepared .. the exhaust fans work well but the clothes suffer.




Soi 7/1 The Downunder Bar Bangkok. Owner Rob has been around for about 250 years (you can tell him we said that)  anyway Rob (when he is smiling) is a terrific guy. His tastes may not be yours (don't forget he is 250yrs old) but he knows lots of people and likes to help mates and everyone is a mate at his Bar.  His bar is semi Thai Style and the Soi has lots of Thai Bars so enjoy or be warned.   .. Rob puts a daily timetable of sports events on the Table... (technology is not his thing) so you have to visit to see what's on.     Price of food and booze is modest.     The draw back can be the thai culture of over bearing Music..  Everthing thinks if they make their music louder you will be able to hear it but when you have 6 bars in 20 mtr radius fully cranked it's all a bit of a blur, not what you want when you are showing your committment to your sport. Relief can be gained going inside the Aircondition Bar (hopefully no one is smoking). .  by the way this Soi has the famous Eden Club (ask Rob)



Make sure everyone knows your are AusWaThai ..
T-Shirts or Tank tops

Obviously our friends will recognise you if your wearing anAusWaThai T-shirt



The culture between the 2 Aussie venues is extreme, you can get from one to the other in minutes on a motor bike taxi so do it!


Soi  7/1  You already know the Aussie Bar - the Downunder - see above, well just after you enter the Soi about 80 mtrs in on the right is a bar called "bangkok Beat".   Owned by Farang (french) the staff wear smart/casual uniforms, live band every night.. it's good value for money and pool tables upstairs.  If you find it difficult to say the Soi 7/1  (Soi Jet(7) Tap (/) neung(1)) then just say BTS Nana .. the entrance to the Soi is at the base of the BTS Nana Station and on the Corner of the Soi is a Subway food store.  The 1st band starts about 10pmish and the last band finish about 2am (providing the local Police chef is happy)


 Soi 7   About 50 mtrs into on the right is a Pool Bar called "New Wave".  Lots of pool tables, good size Bar large TV screens. The patrons are from all over the world (all shapes and sizes) .. these places remind me of those suspect bars from Stars wars, the ones where the bad doods do their deals, little cluster groups of people and the lighting is down below their face and shadows cast across their eyes.  ....  Well of course Yes !!!!! because the lights are focused on the Pool tables and everyone is piering down on playing or watching pool and as general theme of clothing in Thailand is Black it adds to the conclusion.   I can confirm, having been Unbeaten (in pool and in body) that everyone is there with the thai attitude of "mai ben Rai" and once you meet them you get a rush of "wow" everyone is cool and here to have a Sa Nook (enjoyment)... 

   Continuing down Soi 7, another 30 mts is an open Thai food hall (about 7 vendors all sharing the same tables and chairs) a handy spot to eat cause you get a wide choice and you can watch the world go by.  Across the Soi are lots of boutique Bars owned by whoever (usally Farang that probably wished they never bought a Bar but they want tell you that)...... anyway on with the Icons 

after this food hall is a driveway, an ATM a Hotel (I think the Park) and across the Soi is a Beer Garden. "The Beer Garden" it's commonly named the "Chicken Shed", because a) it looks like a Poultry Shed and b) it has lots of chickens (that's girls freelancing).



Inside the "beer Garden" it looks like a chicken shed ...  2 long long feeding trays (Bars),  farang either side and and flanked by smiling chickens. It boasts an extrodinary good selection of simple yet tasting farang food and that creates a wierd sensation.. sitting in a "chicken shed" surrounded by lovely chickens and unable to be distracted because of a delicious meal... as they say "TIT" (This is Thailand). 

I found a video which shows,  inside the Beergarden, the Thai Food hall and a glimpse of the New Wave entrance, ironically it's in reverse order ofthe above comments so I guess the author of the video decided it was worth recording once they inspected.

The place is open all day and obvious premium times.... after work and evenings 


Soi 6  Alex Bar.  Owner Alex (Farang) has been in town about 12 years so he knows a lot and a lot of people. The Bar is just around the corner from the Imfamous Nana Plaza. Maybe 200 mtr walk, best to have a beer with Alex or Steve and get the tips on survival.  Alex Bar has pool table and good Music.   

Soi 5
Walk down the Soi, about 250mtrs, you'll see a supermarket on the left and a little further on the right is "Gulivers".  It's modern upmarket Westernised Tavern boasting a large indoor classy "sports" bar (lots of big screens and pool tables).  The outside restaurant at the entrance is another bonus as you can watch all that pass by. They have another restaurant inside so choices, the food as you would expect for the venue and so is the price.

Soi 4 - The big event  "NANA"
When you get to the traffic lights, (4 way intersection in thai is "See yack") go down the Soi (oh which way.. just ask anyone, don't be shy..  people in Thailand don't prejudice people (a rare quality), it's their buddhism beliefs about the middle ground (let everyone enjoy be) ... 
try this philosphy   

anyway ...  "Nana"  is a smaller scale of Pat Pong (from what i've heard).. if your up to the adventure march on down the Soi 4 and Soi Nana Plaza awaits .. or prop yourself up at the bar to the entrance and watch the high volume of touries, travelies, tranies, chickens and all other tracking in and out ...  it's wise to get a seasoned vet to escort you because whilst you think you look cool and calm they can see it written all over your face and you don't stand a chance.. ha ha ha   

The optimum time is about 10pmish, about 1.30amish the prawn run starts, that's all the staff without a customer flooding out the entrance and then the street swells with hagglers as they drift down to Sukhimvit to eat yet another meal (Thais don't eat a lot but they eat often - it's a social aspect of their culture).

( Soi Cowboy)  .. woops it's down the other past Soi 19 (sorry), you can jump on motor cycle taxi for 20-40 baht (if they go to quick say "chaa chaa" (slow slow). Soi Cowboy is a horizontal version of Nana Plaza stretching about 500mtrs between Soi 21 and Soi 23.   It's the same deal as walking down Bangla Road in Phuket or Walking street in Pattaya except this is a narrow Soi so all the busier.  There is a degree of "wow" or "dare" factor just walking this Soi with touters either side trying to catch your attention. The nerves can be tested; if you stare for too long you feel committed, likewise worried if you look away they'll think your shy or scared, yet you need to look away cause here comes and Elephant (narrow Soi) or someone begging for money and another selling flowers as they manouvre around a food vendor pushing their mobile shop (Pang Loie) into place.. it's all a little crazy and once again "TIT"..  We recommend you have an adjuster before you go .. about 4 or 5 drinks is a good adjuster. Optimum time for visit is same as Nana so if you miss your love at one it may be too late to go to the other!

When all those places have been conquered try a walk along the Sukhumvit, between Soi 19 and Soi 7, after 11.30pm. The mobile shops (Pang Loy) selling T-shirts (Sua-Yuun), watches, Videos etc.,, etc., have been converted into mobile bars and eating facilities awaiting your patronage.  It's an extremely socialable event, just find a chair or a group of people and join in (do ask first).. this culture continues until around 4am...   It doesn't seem to matter where you want to sit, if there is no bar or food just indicate your appetite to someone (food or booze) and they'll orgranise it .. you hardly finish explaining your order and they fire off some 2 or 3 word code and by magic your drinks appear and then a menu or a table or chairs.... and ofcourse all accompanied by Smiles) ... Now that's service
more on
Pang Loy Food - click here 
And Yes.. it's looks very Unsafe on the street with such poor Lighting ...  but that's another prejudice because of our Western Culture.. it's actually very safe and socialable .

In Thailand we don't need good Lighting, if we have a good
Heart and respect for each other and all things living... 

In Thailand everyone populates a culture of politeness and good Social behaviour (including most
Farang), yet Thai are very SHY so you have to instigate conversation. I have not touched on the sensational Discos and trillions of other venues - you can ask around and report back to this forum otherwise i'll go and do it for you.... such is life .........   Up to You !


 Soi Nana Plaza basically looks like a chaotic courtyard of 4 floors of bars with a verandah all the way around shouldered by competiting massive neon signs, flashing lights, booming music and lots of smiles.. go in or up - up to you.  There are Bars with (so i'm told) with Bucking Bulls, Girls only, Guys only, girls that are not girls.. or guys that are not guys?.. what the !.. yes better get a seasoned vet to escort you.. or remember smile and remember the Difference between a Traveller and a Tourist  (which are you) .



now if you are going to go chasing those of the of the softer gender you should know more about Thai Culture: - Thai Love  at the bottom of the page is a link to Ladyboys - up to you!     
or visit our Travel Thailand website about Key to dating Thai Girls

Do yourself a favour, understand Thailand before your label it incorrectly if it doesn't give you the answers you seek, let us know or become a student of life and go discover...

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RE: Nightlife Tour -Bangkok - Wattana (Asoke/Nana) for GUYS

Somewhere Sawasdee said that it can be a bit of a blur- well at times it was for me and I dont do drugs but I do get high on FUN.

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