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Post Info TOPIC: Political colours in Thailand by an American ExPat

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Political colours in Thailand by an American ExPat

I received this email circular and thought it was worth adding to the forum for your reading....

A message from an American expat who worked &stayed in Thailand....

 An excerpt from a recent post I made on The Daily Beast:
I'm an American and live and work in Bangkok for an international
company. I have lived here for 6 years and have been in and out of
Thailand since the early 90s. The international press has not
understood the situation here nor reported on it with any kind of real
comprehension. The real situation is that the Red Shirts are a very
small group of uneducated bumpkins with an obsequious desire to return
the ousted PM Thaksin to power. Thaksin's money is paying each of them
2000 THB a day to keep the protests up. What's so ridiculous is that
most Thais are against this because bringing Thaksinocracy back is to
bring back gross corruption to the politics here. Thaksin was a
self-serving megalomanic who bought his two previous elections and
later stole an billions of THB from Thailand and the Thai people
before being ousted. The Red Shirts scream for democracy - but they
don't even know what it means. It's absurd and everyone here knows it.
The real problem now is that the police are 90% in support of Thaksin
and the Reds, so they won't do anything to curb the protests and
violence. The military, which is very powerful here, are on the fence
because they are about 50/50 behind the Reds and the Kingdom. There
has been sporadic violence but the biggest problem we face is the
damage to commerce. With the two largest and most popular commercial
areas being closed due to protests for 3 weeks now, retail business,
hospitality and the tourism industries are losing about 1.5 billion
THB per day. The Reds are doing nothing but hurting the Thai economy,
the Thai people and themselves. Current PM Abhisit is an intelligent,
respected Oxford scholar trying to find a solution through the proper
channels of negotiation while trying to uphold the law.

A bit more:
One part of the whole Red Shirt's argument is that the Red's are
screaming for democracy - true democracy - and yet I doubt they even
know the meaning of true democracy. I've heard rumors lately that they
would actually like to see an end to the Monarchy here. A true
democracy does not require the ousting of its monarchy. England is a
perfect example of a parlimentary democracy with a monarchy and it
works just fine. If the Red's are against the venerable HM Bumiphol
and would like the monarchy to go away, I would issue them fair
warning. This would be a difficult battle for them that they could
never win. HM The King has never been a threat to democracy here and
has never ruled Thailand or made any demands on the Thai people. His
presence is reveared and appreciated by all. He has never told the
Thai people to do anything - only asked graciously. He has done
nothing his entire life except love his country and try to improve the
well-being of all. HM Bumiphol is more like a father who holds the
Thai citizens in his arms with true love and caring. HM The King wants
nothing in Thailand but peace and serenity for all. if this is their
ultimate intention, the Red Shirt's can only fail at the notion of
removing such a great, gentle, intelligent and kind man from the
throne. I encourage all the Thai people to stand up against the Red's
in every way by showing your support online, in rallies and with your
words. Take the lesson from your King - Be true and honest, fair and
good. Support our highly capable and intelligent PM, Khun Abhisit,
protect your King and Queen and do not let these Red buffalo destroy
the land, the name or the prosperity of this great and enduring



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    Thanks… AUS and US
    Thanks...Khun Sawasdee for this article.

     …. You are HANDSOME….

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