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Post Info TOPIC: Marry : Thai Wedding Style : การแต่งงานแบบไทย


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Marry : Thai Wedding Style : การแต่งงานแบบไทย

       The traditional Thai wedding involves many steps. The sequence and details of a Thai ceremony may vary depending on regional customs but in essence they are all the same. A wedding marks the beginning of a family. 
      It begins with the groom’s go-between, usually a person of stature or a respected elder, making the initial proposal to the prospective bride’s side – Karn Thaab Thaam (ขอทาบทาม). If accepted, there is formal marriage proposal where the groom and his parents meet with the bride and her parents to discuss the amount of dowry requested for her hand - Su Khor (สู่ขอ). It is quite normal for this meeting to be moderated by the respective go-betweens for each side. 
      The next step is to consult an astrologer for the most auspicious dates to get engaged and to wed, base on the birthdays of the bride and groom – Ha Reuk Yam (หาฤกษ์ยาม). In the past, the groom was expected to bear a matrimonial tray of gifts – Yok Khan Maak (ยกขันหมาก) – on both occasions. Today’s Thai wedding has been modified to consume less time by performing all the ceremonies in one day. 

      The traditional wedding have 2 style : 

1.      ROD NAM SANG or LANG NAM SANG style (รดน้ำสังข์) = ROD or LANG is soak, NAM is water, and SANG is conch shell.

2.      POOK KOR MEU style (ผูกข้อมือ) = PHUG is to bind, KOR MEU is Wrist with cotton thread. 

       The Morning: Usually, we will have a Monk  (Pra) Blessing as is the Buddhism custom at the house of the bride on the bridegroom (which well be the place for the event) in the morning. After that, there will be marriage registration., Then, we have lunch together. Many couples do not have this part of the day of the monk blessing and registration at home. They may go to register at the county office the day before or after the wedding.
     The Afternoon :  the traditional wedding customs will be followed. It is  called ROD – NAM-SANG, and is the main event where both the bride and the bridegroom’s family get together. They witness this important event . Both the bridge and the bridegroom will set close together on the floor (or small stage) with their hands held in WAI style (like the way we pay respect to the Lord Buddha). A flower chain connects the hands in water and wish them good luck. Then, the parents and others will do the same . Usually, only selected people like close friends and close relatives will be invited to the ROD-NAM-SANG event If you are the immediate supervisor of the bride or bridegroom, you may be invited to join the ceremony. Accept it. It’s a great honors. 
        The Dinner :  On the same night, there will be a wedding party.  The number of invited quests is around 100 -300 .  People like to organize the function in the hotel since the facilities are easier to set up. It could be arranged in different ways  i.e. ****tail style, buffet Thai food, Chinese food. 
         Dress : Please do not dress in BLACK colour (Dress and necktie) For thais, the black colour in reserved for a sad event like a funeral. I have heard many Thais complained about foreigners wearing black dress to a wedding ceremony and it is a sign of bad luck to the bride and the bridegroom.
       Other :  Wedding or Marry : แต่งงาน (dtàeng ngaan) ,   Groom:  เจ้าบ่าว ( jao bàao) ,   Bride : เจ้าสาว ( jao saao)  ,  Groomsman :  เพื่อนเจ้าบ่าว (peuan jao bàao) ,  Bridesmaid :  เพื่อนเจ้าสาว  (peuan jao saao), Reginster a marriage : จดทะเบียนสมรส (jòt tá-bian som rót)



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Thai marriage 
Month & Day : Popular Wedding or Marries of Thai culture    

          Month ( 6 , 2 , 4 , 9 ,10) : June , February , April , September , October

          Day : Friday ,Sunday, Monday

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