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Post Info TOPIC: Phuket - Songkran 2010 (April) by West Australia tour group


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Phuket - Songkran 2010 (April) by West Australia tour group

CONTENTS                                             (Google Translate Thai click แปลไทยhere)

1. Sponsors & link to Photo Album     2. Introduction     3. References The proposal & constructing the tour 
4. Travel Diary -
daily photo collage and comments   5. Knowledge Base - Songkran and Thailand   6. Videos - tours and Songkran


1. Sponsors and photo Albums


Travel Diary
 - below with a daily photo collage and links to venues. 
If the pictures below DO NOT display use this external link
click here

PHOTO ALBUM click here photos added daily and closing 29/04. 

Photo help options click here

TOUR VIDEO - all to be published 10/05
Videos added to bottom






2. Introduction: 
The clan (W.A.) is united and mounting a challenge for Phuket 2010 Songkran Festival.
Our team began a rigorous and disciplinary approach to demonstrate our commitment to this

SENSATIONAL EVENT                        Photo album = 180 pics + 4 video links see below
Team members have focus objectives:-
some practice their firepower, some their drinking, some their language skills and some their smiles AND everyone is unanimous of the oath that.... "we will, we will, drentch them!"

3. References:
Sonkran Festival - forum articles -
click here  Travel Thailand Auswathai Phuket and Bangkok AusWaThai Exec Tours Bangkok - click here

Schedule: Phuket - Songkran, Golf, Childrens Charity Bangkok - Shopping, Tourism, Adventure! View our Travel schedule

Constructing the Tour
2009-11 The Songkran Slayers Team is formed
2010-01 Flights booked (Thai Airways), we are coming - be scared, be dared
2010-02 Accommodation booked (Phuket and Bangkok)
2010-03 Pre trip meeting to discuss objectives; Trip schedule prepared (travel tips and schedule of activities) Purchase online travel guide (brilliant -
try it )
2010-04 The Tour begins, see travel diary below
2010-04-08 Transfers. haggle at Phuket Airport or pre book on this website - very good website (well priced and easy to understand)


09/04/210 – Friday

West Australia to Patong Beach Phuket Thailand   
Flight 6 hrs .. taxi 45 mins

Accommodation: Safari Hotel  - Thai style
located in the centre of Patong Beach (forum article)

Dinner: Tipsy Prawn – Aussie owned Venue. 
Located on the Beach. Casual outdoor with mixed menu. Everyone receives Hats, Badges and small gifts to give to new Thai friends along the adventure read more about the Tipsy Prawn

Nightlife tour - Bangla road - only 100 mtrs from Safari Hotel and Tipsy Prawn. Bangla Road is the Nightlife centre of Patong

Here we visit ... Aussie and Thai Bars, try our hand out some of the Thai Bar games. Try driving a 3 inch nail into a block of wood using a sharp edge hammer or building a jenga monument or just visit Soi Kaetoy (the lady-boys.. they are so cute.. and friendly.. read more about Kaetoys


10/04/2010 Saturday

made friends with a Tuktuk driver Khun AEK (Ph: 08 24116961). His English is good and shows us how to save time and money. His close friend Khun Surin has aircon van.

Grand Prix racing event
2 venues located only 20 mins from Patong beach. We visit the the one you can't see from the main road, it's bigger and faster! - karts with speed up to 120kms). The venue also has "Fish massage" crazy but true!

Refreshments: Dash into the Aussie Patong Beach Bar, the biggest in Phuket (2 storey) and loaded with mod cons. We meet one of the owners Chiller.
Dinner - Moo Gadaa – thai style - outdoor bbq 99buffet. only 10 mins down the road. You will need help as it's local (not tourist) but well worth the experience and so cheap. 

see our f
orum article – Thai Food

Nightlife - some of us wind down and others going until about 4am 

11/04/2010 Sunday

Tour:  Buddha Hill – 45 mins from Patong Beach
Highest point in Phuket – the Buddha monument is stunning as are the views. The hung over group in our team enjoy the comfort of Khun Surin's aircon van.

Unfortunately most of the group are suffering in heat of the day as they try to recover from a 4am drinking session! 
We stopped at one of the restaurants half way up for delicious authentic Thai food. The big surprise was how incredibly tasty the fruit shakes tasted ... we re ordered until they ran out of stock!!  read more about Buddha Hill in this Forum article.

Dinner - s
ome joined other WA visitors fopr a Birthday dinner and the rest of us went to Phuket Fantasea.  about 20 mins from Patong. (forum article).  You can view the show or just go for dinner (buffet) and the theme park ... but make sure you get there early..  

Nightlife - Naturally some gave it another heave ho.. The tropical weather, smiling faces and music makes it so inviting.
12/04/2010 – Monday        Tour options
1. Golf – Red Mountain – 15 mins from Patong.
New golf course next door to Lock Palm.  Not cheap but it's well worth the price for the keen golfer.   It's hard yacker up and down through mountains of discarded tin mine - see more.

We use and recommend golf tour services from "Golf in a Kingdom" - see
2. Tour – PSV – Childrens Village - about 40 mins from Patong Beach. 2pm visit 
Truly a wonderful organisation and well deserving of a donation. read more in our Forum article
Savoey Seafood Restaurant
Situated at the front of the Safari Hotel. 
Great setting and delicious seafood. Khun Supit (supervisor) is a wonderful character and always so helpful. his pic is in the link to Safari above.
Songkran - it begins 
Bangla Road is bursting with people spraying water in every direction. It's a sight you must see it to believe. It's soooo much fun.  read more about Songkran

13/04/2010 – Tuesday

Sonkgran Events - water fights all over the place
or take a Tour to Phii Phii Island (8 until 5pm)

We don't have many pictures but lots of dazzling video of water battles so check the tour video (when it's finished and linked)
When you see so many people, of all ages, out and about embroiled in hours of water fight fun it does make the world a happy place. When it comes to being happy Thailand does it better then the rest!. 
I don't know of any other Country that has so many festivals, Bars and social events with no or little need for Security or Crown Control...  why is it so???   it's the Buddhist culture or ?
Local Restaurant on the Beach. some of us can't handle it and dash back for more water fights before it ends.

14/04/2010 Wednesday    Transfer to Bangkok


Best Comfort Apartments in Sukhumvit 

forum article about Best Comfort.

location does not get any better!
all creature comforts are in Soi 19, refer website see page “Our home”. 
We will have 2 thai assistants with us help our brief tour seamless - refer Exec Tours Bkk - PA services
Bangkok hosts Songkran after Phuket so we have landed in water fight zones and kinda wish to stay dry but the locals don't agree so we are soaked and without guns!

Dinner -
Soi 19 – 2 restaurants (same owner) so order Thai or Italian - up to you. Indoor and outdoor setting.  link to Big Mamma

Massage -
Brief walk for Foot Massage with Beer otherwise back to the apartment for a roof top swim and view of the city

15/04/2010 - Thursday

The City is very quite (many Locals go home to join Songkran with family) and the Red Shirts protests have kept tourist away thanks to crazy Media.


Shopping - use the tour map at Exec tours bkk - Shopping  - Phantip plaza – electronics, Platinum Plaza - clothing


webpage - Exec Tours Bkk-shopping

Break for a Massage and then more Shopping

use the BTS Skytrain to visit MBK shopping centre, then night bizaar on the BTS skytrain platform.. bargains everywhere
Dinner - everyone for themself!

some must rest for Tour in the morning and others will not so we test Exec Tours Bkk recommended venues and attend to the duties of promoting Aussie and our

16/04/2010 – Friday

Tour options

1. Flight with the gibbons  
around 2500 baht -
8am until 5 pm event.  

6 of our group tested this event and rate it 8 out of 10. forum article in detail



1. Dentist and confirm price and service is excellent (Dentist are promoted in Exec Tours Bkk website)


2. Chao Phaya River cruise and Khao San Road and Kings Palace


Dinner: Cabbages and Condoms  - Soi 12.  Lovely Garden restaurant setting. Greta food and everyone gets free Condoms ?.. "what the" see forum link  


Tour – nightlife

Aussie Pub and BBQ – Soi 11, 

Bed Super-club Soi 11,

Bangkok Beat Soi 7

Climax Nightclub Soi 11 

17/04/2010 – Saturday

Push Bike ride in Bangkok.  
2pm - 3 hr passive tour. cost 950 baht, we rate it 9 out of 10
see details and tour video in this Forum article  
for those that haven't had enough
Tour: Lumpini Night Bizarre
ride the MRT underground train system
more shopping or lots of food stalls or fish massage or Thai boxing or ... up to you  - forum article
back home to rest (go home 5.30am start)
or a foot massage (oh yes please)
or more nightlife ....  
visit to the Titanium Bar (Ice Bar on the 1st floor), challenge yourself to a freezing cold drink..
and yes .. some don't sleep they just keep going


18/04/2010 Sunday

Flight back to Perth West Australia

Unfortunately the tour team ran out of time to visit The to visit "skybar". It's the highest rooftop bar and restaurant in the world... (a minimum dress standard is required) doh! 


more info about The skybar in this forum - see travel thailand - Bangkok - or click here

Tour video
under production expect to be released by 10/05/10.

reserve your seat for the 2011 tour .. 
seats are limited...

tell us the names and ages  

We look forward to Tour members submitting comments of their experience in Thailand, about Songkran, the Thai People and Culture.
BOOK YOUR SEAT ON 2011 TOUR - LIMITED SEATS!              Tour date April 2011 - Phuket and Bangkok
email your request to: tour departs from W.A. - we will send you details 6 mths before the tour

5. Knowledge base
Songkran is the beginning of the wet season and Summer heat.  If you want a prediction of the weather forecast for this trip visit this page link (click on the location, set the dates and get a prediction)
Travel Thailand website includes Language tips and a survivor Pak document that you can print – see this link Travel Survival kit (it includes basic works for shopping and eating so print and carry with you).
Travel info, Travel Tips – FAQ and do’s and don’ts click here
Mobile phones with Internet access can use google maps GPS to accurately orientate to find venues – very useful in Bangkok
Mobile phones – contact your service provide to ensure you activate roaming
email – check you phone setting and ensure you DO NOT email setting on PUSH –change to FETCH to avoid excessive costs on your download.
Accommodation in Phuket and Bangkok have Internet facilities including wifi (Safari is free)
Travel Bangkok info
Tours, venues and activities have been selected with consideration of something for everyone, they will not suit everyone, unless you focus on enjoying new experiences.

SONGKRAN - serious competitors need
water proof bags for your mobile phones and cameras (they will be hammered constantly so take spares)
your sun glasses will be blown away - buy those tip hugging safety glasses (Bunnings) and consider a bandanna or go with goggles
some of the roads and foot paths will be very slippery - your shoes will be drenched take strap on sandals that let the water drain (thongs have no chance when you need to move quick on wet surface).
NEVER RUN Roads - lots of people on scooters - they can not stop quick on slippery roads so don't shoot them in the face or be inn their line of driving. 
Street drinking is permitted (IN PHUKET) - actually most things in Thailand are .. but when it goes wrong you must pay (that's a fair fare)!

videos added  -       (Tip: to save your video download useage allowance (free software) - click here)
1. Songkran Festival - water fights Phuket  

Night and day fights

day only - brilliant video

2. Tour - phuket and tour bangkok - due to be published 10/05        
PHUKET (b4 Songkran) click here  added on 11/05  BANGKOK  (after Songkran)  click here added on 12/05

BOOK YOUR SEAT ON 2011 TOUR - LIMITED SEATS!     Tour date April 2011 - Phuket and Bangkok
reserve your seat for the 2011 tour ..  seats are limited... e:   tell us the names and ages 
Tour discussion and planning begins 2010-October, early bird bookings are lower prices (bulk bookings), late bookings - no guarantee preferred accommodation



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Photo - collage of geeman in Phuket and Bangkok

Songkran, Patong.... O
ur band of brothers affectionately named the ‘Songkran Slayers’ was a blend of youth and experience that came together to celebrate the 2010 festival.  Monday morning we were receiving reports of small outbreaks of water fights and by the afternoon there is just no place to hide on the streets.

We stand back to back as we carry out a sortie down Bangla Road thinking safety in numbers regardless we are totally overwhelmed by the length and breadth of the fighting taking place but amazingly without any sense of aggression, only in the spirit of total enjoyment. Although we held our own there was just too many fights to fight, the water just came from everywhere.

A tactical retreat in to a side bar with a full frontal attack on a opposing bar left us with a short lived taste of victory as a surprise counter attach caught us totally off guard. The youth in our team took up an offensive position behind the grassy knoll at the hotel which proved to provide an endless supply of surprised squealing targets thru out the night. Tuesday and the streets are out of control, we hit the road in the back of a ute with two large drums filled with ice water (thanks to the hotel), the colder the better the reaction when hit.  

Carnage abounds during the day on a road tour throughout Patong. Every man, women and child is out and armed with a spray of water hidden behind a friendly smile.  By the evening all clam is restored to the place as the festival moves on around the country.  After hearing stories of past Songkran my expectations were high and I must report expectations well and truly surpassed in this instance.

This festival is truly a celebration that lifts the soul, the shear enjoyment of the experience had is addictive, you can’t avoid it just join in and enjoy it.



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To be completely honest, prior to this trip I had prepared myself for some disasters. But I was proved wrong, the trip was a total success and entirely enjoyable.

The Songkran festival really isn't something you can explain, it's something to be experienced, and has to be seen to be believed. The atmosphere on Patong beach is so exciting, the good attitude and warm smiles are contagious. One of the highlights was hiding behind hedges and attacking unsuspecting victims with icy water.

You would be surprised how many people become involved and encourage the game, hotel and restaurant staff always have some ice handy and are very generous. Bangla Road is a unique place and in some people an acquired taste. This is where you have to let go of your negative thinking and just have an open mind, because lady boys can be very funny.

There's always plenty happening on Patong beach. I reccommend the jet ski and banana boat hire on the beach, but only for those who are physically capable, it's exhausting! Over all, I had a lot more fun than I thought I would, and I'll definately be back. I think Lucky deserves a much earned THANKYOU for taking us all on this exciting experience.


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