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{Sa was dee ka.} Hi. everyone.

I am Angchanaporn Trairatthitikan.Nick name is pim.

my english not good please help if you want to correct my english please show how and i can learn and i can help you with thai language

I like to travel so mush. In 2006-2007 I was travel around urope France, Italy, German, Austrea, Denmark and many contry of Asia.



1. Language translation - visit – see options for language format
1.แปลภาษา - เข้าสู่ - เห็นตัวเลือกสำหรับรูปแบบภาษา

2. Click here to convert this page to thai language        (wait 10 seconds for conversation)
Note: Translation Disclaimer.  Many pages are automated by Google translator for free and may not be accurate (something is better than nothing).
2.คลิกที่นี่เพื่อแปลงเพจนี้เพื่อภาษาไทย    (รอ 10 วินาทีสำหรับการสนทนา)
หมายเหตุ: คำชี้แจงสิทธิแปล. มีหลายหน้าอัตโนมัติโดย Google แปลฟรีและอาจไม่ถูกต้อง (สิ่งที่ไม่มีอะไรจะดีกว่า).

3. Please visit our language translation site to translate words or entire websites at 

 if you selected option 2 and did not reach the correct webpage please notify the author of the article. The author has not changed the link from this page to their page.



In 2008-2009.  Mr.Phill  invited me to help him for
cared a blind dog that make me thought. It  is good I  have oppatunity to learn more English and Australian culture.

we start a 
culture project we hope it can help many people.

we don't worry about grammar - we love people

Photo album
of my visit in Perth WA - click here 
include option for slideshow



Lade just come from operation to fix eyes - her eyes very weak

When I were Perth Khun Phill’s family welcome me very good…the  nameof dog in perth is lade. she a female and big like a calf in Thailand. Frist time we met she make a loud bark cause I was new face for her. After two days we were know each other and live in harmony at the house. Pim and Lade and oliver{cat} were together anywhere and anytime.

so sad Lade sight never come but she never complain and love


{ frarang culture }
There I did many thing.I were teached thai language for khun Phill and his friends. they were teached me English too.
Khun Phill was happy man .  He very busy man. He is own insuranc company.and export wine comepany..
But He love the king of Thailand like Thai people, love Thailand,love thai people.He learn about Budda, Thai culture and he do very good.
That is why he spend time to help Thaipeople.

Khun phill’s mum was teached me to do homework also, British style,iron clothcs, teach me cook western food.I like her food very much .
she showed me around Perth.She was very kinds person.

Three of Khun Phil’s dauthers are very pritty and nice.They like to talk and teach English with me teach me how to cook pan cake.
I also teach them cook some thaifood.

I learn many to work with Frarang.i can drive a car go to the temple.i go to party,night crub,Horse raching,watch the football.
Play golf.{I never play golf befor now I love to play golf}

Don’t you know how was my charm? That is my smile,My friendly and talked everything from heart and my cooking skill.
I cooked thai food for knuh Phill and his friends nearly everyday.Everyone who come let me learn English from them also.
I gave them nice smile and yummy Thai food. How to find happiness like I show them Thai very happy with singing by karaoke.
 For a give “That time is Pim fever”That is my experience I never forget it.





 Mr.Tony and Mrs Leane and two sons. Very kinds nice family.Leane would got me to play basketball everytime I was free.I also learn how to cook australia food in  Duncan’s restaurant. He is very kinds man.he teach me cook food.teach me dance.





We have opportunity to promote Thai Culture - Phil friend khun Wari (thai student) help me and we dress in Thai costume, make thai food and give to office staff and also give them Wai and give them massage at their desk and talk about Thailand and Thai culture and ev eryone in the office receive a new experience to their life and have the feeling about want a holilday to thailand  





My Kings  Birthday in December we host thai diner party for many friends to phills home to promote thai culture



 Before I come back to Thailand..They said to me please come back to Perth again..That is the fist khun Phill have some exchange our cuture and langugse between thai and australian.

I wish Thai people have an opportunity like me. Khun Phill made website for keep all information about thai.

Welcome everyone to visit the website. if you have some question please mail to us..{khun phill write mail adress please}

I hope, my expericnce could stir up troble your dream who need to travel for keep the nice thing to live in abroad please consult us

 Thank you very much for Khun phill and  to gave me opportunity

 Angchanaporn trairatthitikan {pim}



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RE: Friendship and culture exchange July 2008

Great telling and interesting story......i felt the same when i visited Phill's Family. smile.gif



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Hi.Khun Pim
I am Dusi naka
so nice to read your story ka..your english is so good
hope to read of your story more naka

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