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Visit West Australia in 2009, please view the travel diary .. see links below



 Hello! I am Janis from Thailand

1. Language translation - visit – see options for language format
1.แปลภาษา - เข้าสู่ - เห็นตัวเลือกสำหรับรูปแบบภาษา

2. Click here to convert this page to thai languagE        (wait 10 seconds for conversation)
Note: Translation Disclaimer.  Many pages are automated by Google translator for free and may not be accurate (something is better than nothing).
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map thai to perth.jpg

The objective:   Brief log of each day ..  what I learn and what I teach about culture and exchange of friendship.

AusWaThai focus is about people and friendship (not language and grammar)

1. The forum article (this page - you can comment)    
2. The travel diary (backup word doc version)   
3. Travel Photo Album

Project webpage - click here

I work Full-time Job at Insurance Company in Thailand .In my dream I would like  to go outside Thailand especially Australia.  
Eventually my dream come true I meet Mr. Phillp  Smith, he give me a chance to visit West Australia on a exchange cultures project  with AusWaThai culture project,
for details click here.  I will make a diary of my daily events and show below and hope it will help everyone

How to get Aus Travel  Visa ?

    It is not easy to get travel visa because the lady who does not have full time job or is not be the owner of business can't get visa .
   May be the embassy think the lady will go for job or don't came back thailand again.
    I suggest the lady apply visa the first time should use visa agent service. because they will give the important details to acquire the visa.
     I go to Perth WA by Thai Airways  on  December 28, 2008. I'm very excited  because it is the first time I go out from Thailand and I go by own . 

     When I go to Perth Airport , I think if no one pick me up from the Airport how can I do ?  But I am lucky there is the person pick me from the Airport and take me to The Aussie house . 

I will make a diary of my daily events and show below and hope it will help everyoneThe objective:   Brief log of each day ..  what I learn and what I teach about culture and exchange of friendship.
AusWaThai focus is about people and friendship (not language and grammar)Options 1. The forum article (this page - you can comment)    2. The travel diary (backup word doc version)   3. Travel Photo Album


 I stay with Aussie family house . I meet Thai friend . Her name is Pim, she is pretty woman and also a good cooking , she teach me to cook Thai  food, she can painting, gardening. we help Aussie host by taking care the dog and the cat [ Lade and Oliver] . They are a lovely pet that I have not seen before .They sleep and eat together, they are a good company .Picture left. Pim and Janis have dinner at Morgan restaurant   








                       King Park


         London Count /download.spark?ID=791370&aBID=127609



When I am in Perth I meet P’ Angella  , she is a friend of Mr. Phill .S he go to travel Australia for 3 months .She is a good in cooking , make up artist ,  clever  and also a good speaker .
We go to travel around Perth such as King Park , Perth Zoo, London Count , Fremantle , Rottnest Island , Mandurah .We have a good time in Perth.

Before I go to Perth  I  can’t cook and take care home . When I stay here I am a good cook and a good housekeeper [ 555 Somebody tell me ] .


 Janis and Pare  Boatshed Resturant in Sout Perth forsehore with view of Perth CityWhen I stay in Aussie house , I also take care Thai Student , her nick name is Pare , She is lovely and funny girl .She make me smile and laugh all the time. For my duty at Aussie family and Thai student , I have to prepare  Breakfast Lunch and Dinner for them.


ong and Janis learn how to cook from Angella at the Morgan 's Restuarant   


 Mr.Phill is relax at Morgan 's Restuarant
Morgan 's restuarant is at Preston Street Road.  It is the International food such such as  French , American , Japanese ,Thai . There is a wonderful food and the lovely place .It is open from 6PM -10PM Every day except Sunday.






I also have a good time with Mr. Phill ‘s family  , he has 3 daughters  and mom .

His girls  take  care themselves by work a part-time job , The first one name Kate drive a tuck in the factory , the second one Tessa works in a Perth Zoo ( she give me a free ticket of the zoo ) and the last one Kelly  work at VDO shop . And Mr. Phill ‘s mom ,she is the best Housekeeper that I have not seen before . She is a high power and energy . She teach me to take care house , gardening and also cook a western food .
 They are lovely family.       



 For The Aussie CulturesEvery week I enjoy party with The host’s friend .I learn the Aussie’s culture, how they live, how they eat, how they enjoy after work. I enjoy know the Aussie wedding.    Aussie 's weding


 Janis and my Aussies friends go to  the Windsor  Pub South Perth Australia  after work. 



  Janis goes ridding  a horse



  International food fair in Perth Temper



My close friend in Perth  “Lade”


 Janis and Miss Australia . 555 I ‘m kidding she is the last one name Kelly of Mr. Phill ‘s girls.


Finally My happiness is shortly . I stay at Perth for 3 months I have to go back home Thailand and go to work at Insurance Company again .I get many things there such as making food , Home care , Take care pet , English skills ,Exchange Thai and Australia culture , Making friend . It make me can’t  forget friendly , funny ,kindness, happiness there.

Thank you for reading my diary

please join auswathai friends          Photo Album for Janis - click here



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RE: Friendship and culture exchange visit to Perth WA - December 2008

Great diary Janis! I really enjoyed reading it :)



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wow! that is wonderful story and it was beautiful time for you Janis.... i like your story.

Take care...Love xxx



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Hi Janis
so nice to read your story ka
you are lucky that you can stayed for 3 month.I have got my visa period just 1 month:(
anyway..we are good luck to know Fill's Family and visited Perth naka



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Hi K.Janis
พอดีได้ยินมาว่า ทางคุณอะไรเนี่ยค่ะ (จำชื่อไม่ได้) ต้องการคนไปทำงานบ้านที่เพิรท ใช่หรือป่าวค่ะ พอดีอยากทราบรายละเอียดน่ะคะ ที่บอกว่า ให้ไปดูแลงานบ้านและสุนัขที่กำลังป่วยอยู๋

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